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Dagmar Staudenmaier : in Hawaii with the BMW M6, BayWa building materials image campaign and ISABELLE LANCRY PARIS

CQUADRAT aka Christopher THOMAS and Christoph ADLER brought the BMW M M6 Grand Coupé Matt finish to the streets of Big Island (Hawaii). The Grand Coupé and its unusual speed are captured in unique landscapes, between lava areas and rainforests. It becomes its own natural force. The powerful, dark colours set under a dramatic sky highlight the sporty elegance of the Grand Coupé.

Christopher and Christoph captured the matt finish in a particularly artistic way, lifting the Grand Coupé plastically from it surroundings. The creation was carried out in collaboration with Katja Frins/BMW and Serviceplan Content. Local production company Hard Drive Productions supported Christopher and Christoph in Hawaii on the shoot.

Joe HOELZL photographed BayWa building materials in collaboration with KOMMA Consulting, Munich. The naturally simple building materials gain their own aesthetic though Joe’s clear visual language and comes across as authentic thanks to the montage of building supplies in front of similar backgrounds.

‘When building materials are more than building materials’ is the motto that accompanies the five part photo series, a slogan that is quickly communicated even to the non-professional viewer. It is clear that BayWa Building Materials are famed for: competence, quality, safety, efficiency and future.

High-end cosmetics brand ISABELLE LANCRAY PARIS commissioned Sonia FOLKMANN with repositioning and creating new images of their products. She teamed up with the Aberham Intensiv Design agency to develop a differentiated beauty communication centred on the fresh revamped Isabelle Lancray branding and delivered the results.

Sonia provided each care range with a new face and captured the character of each individual product on camera. It was crucial to capture the innovative care potential and the high quality ingredients – from refreshingly fruity to luxuriously seductive. Sonia also photographed a series with product applications on a model.