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Unique. Extravagant. Energy-packed. Daniel ROCHÉ shoots the current campaign for German silver jewellery manufacturer CAÏ

Jewellery is a statement – therefore Caï exclusively use fine silver for their designs. Daniel ROCHÉ snapped the campaign for the current collection of the German jewellery manufacturer in Pforzheim. A very appropriate location as this city was already famous for it’s jewellery industry in the 18th century. Caï is as modern and authentic, as the confident beauty series, shot by Roché. The pictures perfectly convey the brand’s understatement as well as the individuality of their young and trendy clientele. We also present a look behind the scenes of the photo shoot here on GoSee. Find out more about the label via and visit Daniel on GoSee or directly via his agency

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GoSee book recommendation: Theo Gosselin ‘Avec le coeur’. Young, free & immortal – daily life as a colourful road trip. The second edition by Éditions du LIC and a sneak peek here on GoSee

Theo Gosselin symbolises a new generation. With his camera, he documents his life, his daily routine, visiting festivals and his friends. Naked, around the campfire or the morning after. The 22 year-old has built up an impressive Facebook following of 77,500 people within a very short period of time. His daily pictures and posts reach thousands of ‘likes’ within a few hours – any brand’s dream. Some of his most memorable and beautiful moments are included in the photo book ‘Avec le coeur’, which has just been published as a second edition by Editions du LiC.

The photographer says: ‘my favourite subjects are the uninhibited young people who are my friends, photos taken from the inside, in the privacy of our travels together, our adventures, our evolution in this strange world. Love, friendships, and our appropriation of nature and the urban world. Young, free and immortal’

Theo Gosselin was born in 1990 in the French port city of Le Havre in Normandy, where he grew up with the sea, the wind and the sound of electronic guitars. Inspired by art, music and cinema, he decided to study art, graduating in 2012 as a graphic designer in Amiens. Five years later, he worked more and more with photography, which was to be his full-time career. In August 2012, he produced his first film, ‘Goodbye ...

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How and where do famous architects actually live? Photographer Patric JOHANSSON illustrates this in the book ‘Arkitektens Trädgård’

Patric JOHANSSON published the third book in his series on famous Swedish architects and their private living spaces. His images depict minimalist buildings, brightly coloured furniture and wild gardens between craggy rocks. "Arkitektens Trädgård" is published by Bokförlaget Arena.

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Film Tipp • Run, Boy, Run film adaptation of Yoram Fridman’s true story. In German cinemas from April - DOP Daniel GOTTSCHALK

Run, Boy, Run is the film adaptation of the book by Uri Orlev on a Jewish boy escaped from a Warsaw ghetto fighting for survival. The film tells the unbelievable but true story of Yoram Fridman, who fled from a Warsaw ghetto aged eight and his for three years in the Polish forests. In Run, Boy, Run German Academy Award winner Pepe Danquart tells the story of a survivor. The world premiere took place in Warsaw in January in the presence of Yoram Fridman, who is now 79 years of age. He told the audience: all the scenes depicted are exactly as I experienced them. Not 100% the same, but around 90% I’d say.” Daniel GOTTSCHALK c/o GoSee Member 1ST UNIT was the DOP of the film, which premieres in German cinemas on 17 April.

Germany/France/Poland 2013
Direction: Pepe Danquart
Cast: Andrzej Tkacz, Elisabeth Duda, Kamil Tkacz
Distributor: NFP ...

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Die April-Ausgabe der ProfiFoto ist ab sofort mit einem 20 Seiten starken Spezial rund um das Thema "Nikon Vollformat" am Kiosk erhältlich.

Sorry, no english version available.

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GoSee Recommendation: the explosive beauty of the moment. Christian Weber's 'Explosions' monograph

Christian Weber's "Explosions" is a compelling monograph that uniquely illustrates the photographic medium's ability to capture fleeting phenomena. The images summon the majesty and ambition of American color-field paintings while evoking the experimentation of predecessors like Eadward Muybridge. The works clearly eschew forensics in favor of picturing a world of dynamic form and beauty.

About - Christian Weber. 1971 Born in Cincinnati, USA. 1990-1992 Studies at The Southeast Center for Photographic Studies. 2008 Exhibition at NAC, New York and 2010 Man on Fire Installation at MUDAM, Musee d'art Moderne in Luxembourg. In 2012 followed by the exhibition at Southeast Museum of Photography. Lives and works in New York.

Explosions by Christian Weber . Fabio Cutró, New York City ISBN: 978-3-86678-884-8 Format: 34,50 × 25,40 cm, Pages: 106, Illustrations: 45 colored illustrations, Hardcover, bound, English

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new at gosee • NEW : FSHN magazine, San Francisco; we present spreads by Stephan Glathe, Gail Bowman, Greg Alexander and Pascal Andrew Heimlicher

Fashionable. Sexy. Haute. Naughty. GoSee is delighted to welcome new member FSHN, founded in San Francisco, California. The magazine intends to provide a single source of fashion trends and advice to affluent fashion forward individuals. Whether you are in San Francisco or Paris, Sydney or Budapest a copy of FSHN in your purse is all you need to fashion current.

Read by over 250,000 readers from all over the world with major following from San Francisco, LA, San Diego,
New York, Miami, Paris & Istanbul, the Magazine focuses on expensive haute couture and high fashion with a mix
of street fashion, style & beauty advice from all over the world.

FSHN started out as a digital only magazine before they opted for print distribution. "We believe that internet
enabled mobile tablets are the future of publishing and hence our print copies lead back to our mobile editions
continuously. Every reader not using a print copy equates to a greener Earth." so Chairman & Publisher Elisabeth Thieriot.

Distributed in print in San Francisco, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and expanding distribution to 22
countries by 2014. Digital distribution reaches over 250,000 individuals every year already.

To get you in the mood, GoSee presents the most recent spreads from the last ...

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SCHORN & WEGENER photograph Esther Grether’s private collection. Hatje Cantz presents the works in ‘Affinité Élective – Wahlverwandschaft’

For the first time Swiss entrepreneur Esther Grether presents her legendary private art collection, which has only been available to selected guests and friends thus far. ‘Affinité élective’. Wahlverwandtschaft. Die Sammlung Esther Grether’ is the title of this book, published by Hatje Cantz Verlag. A collection of work from the 20th century by Pablo Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Salvador Dali, Francis Bacon, Alberto Giacometti, Eva Aeppli, Louise Bourgeois and Bruce Nauman among others. Esther Grether is a major shareholder and administrator of the Swatch Group. Her family’s assets are estimated by ‘Forbes’ magazine to be the equivalent of about 1.6 billion Euros.

The photographs by SCHORN & WEGENER show how the rooms submit to the works of art and they highlight the collection’s independence of categories and values in the representation-based art market. When viewing the great pictures we only have one question - how can we arrange a meeting with Ms Grether?

Hatje Cantz’s poetic description reads: ‘due to the intimate affinity of the works themselves, the collection, like almost no other, impressively represents a life lived in devotion to the masterpieces. The title of this first extensive publication on the collection echoes this dual distinction: an elective affinity is what ...

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Edition Lammerhuber : THE LONG SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL. Photo book on life with nuclear power plant disasters including essay by Michail Gorbatschow

Publisher Lois Lammerhuber says: ‘bad news sell worse, but there are topics that are so important that we have to publish them against all odds’. And the book in question certainly has some bad news in store for us. ‘THE LONG SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL’ deals with the dramatic long-term consequences of the biggest nuclear catastrophe in history.

Therefore the author of the book, National Geographic photographer Gerd Ludwig, came up with the idea of starting a Kickstarter campaign to inform about this important project and invite people to support this book project out of solidarity.

This picture book – supported by an essay by Mikhail Gorbachev - stands as a complete document of this man-made disaster – and helps to remember the countless victims of Chernobyl, and to warn future generations of the deadly consequences of human hubris.

On Sunday 26th April, 1986 a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl near Pripyat, Ukraine, exploded. It was the world’s worst nuclear disaster to date.

Almost exactly 25 years later, on 11th March 2011 a tsunami hit the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima. The actual consequences of what occurred are only beginning to show in full scope today. To mark the third anniversary of Fukushima, the book THE LONG SHADOW OF CHERNOBYL reminds us which consequences we have ...

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magazine • Frankie RAYDER double dose on the cover of ELLE Germany’s March 14 issue

We can see Frankie RAYDER beaming at us from the cover of ELLE Germany’s March 14 issue. This month’s theme is ‘Casual & Couture: these are the mega trends of the season’. Which cover do you prefer? You can vote for your favourite here. 

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