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Cowboys in Rhône Tal ! Yann Gross goes on a photographic journey to 'Horizonville'

David Lynch's film ‘The Straight Story’ inspired Yann Gross. He also wanted to travel and gather experience, but he was lacking the funding required. So, he grabbed a motorcycle and travelled through the Rhône Valley in the Swiss Alps for three months. It may come across as absurd, but there, 50km from home, he found his American Dream: ‘Horizonville’.

Hidden behind an only marginally attractive industrial landscape, a world revealed itself to him that comes very close to being described as surreal. The inhabitants of the area live beyond any Swiss stereotypes: They wear cowboy hats, practice square dance and sit in public squares that feature pictures of wild Indians on the wall. They live and dream the American Dream, despite never being to America in the first place.

The picture series pulsates through its peculiar atmosphere. Needless to say, the photographer was equally surprised by his motifs as the viewer will be, once it becomes known where the pictures were taken.

Yann Gross was born in 1981 in Vevey, Switzerland and studied in Lausanne. His work has been published in Die Zeit, Neon Magazine, ZZ, WAD and Le Monde (among others). His pictures have been exhibited in Germany, Italy, Hungary and Lithuania.

‘Horizonville’ the book is out now and published by JRP Ringier Verlag. 74 pages offer an insight into a world, which extends its horizon into all directions conceivable.

Yann Gross – Horizonville
Text: Joël Vacheron
74 Pages
CHF 45 / EUR 30 / £ 25 / US 39.95
ISBN: 978-3-03764-105-7