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Edition Lammerhuber : Nico Ferrando and the world's biggest book about love - exhibition, book and edition

The world's largest book about love since the invention of the computer was presented by EDITION LAMMERHUBER on the Frankfurt book fair: Measuring 67cm x 91cm and weighing a baffling 43kg, the photographic art project by the Argentinian Nico Ferrando is called MY HUSBAND AND ME, ME AND MY WIFE.

According to research carried out by the Austrian national library, one of the world's ten largest art books and the largest one in Austria, it will be published by Edition Lammeruber as a limited edition of 250 copies and has been designed in a way that makes it possible for pages to be taken out as a whole, without causing damage to the book. Every single page has been numbered and signed by the artist. In other words: Nico Ferrando had to sign his own name 14,250 (!) times.

Almost all people pictured are married couples, stemming from 11 different countries, supporting the project by using their real names: some have been together for a lifetime, others just for a few months. Every couple was pictured naked. Through digital intervention, the pictures of the couples were manipulated for so long and merged so thoroughly, they seem to blend and almost disappear altogether, until the question of who is who becomes more and more intriguing.

We are hypnotized by these pictures within the glimpse of a moment. They capture something wonderful, provoke an emotion of fascinating strangeness, trust and uncomfort at the same time, challenging our prejudices and our ideas of two people which seemingly belong together whilst being two separate entities.

Nico Ferrando began his career at a young age, working in the film and advertising industry. He lived in London as a photographer and was responsible for the multimedia production of the Museum for Islamic Art in Doha, Katar. He completed his MA in photography at the Slade School of Fine Art in London and studied cinematography at the university of Cinema in Buenos Aires. His photographic works are exhibited worldwide. He is a member of the Asterico.org group.

Jessica Milberg is an American artist and teacher. She studied history of art and photography at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and finished both courses with a BA. She followed this up with an MA in Media Art at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. Jessica has been teaching in St. Louis, Missouri and the vicinity, as well as in San Francisco, where she also resides. Her works are frequently featured in cultural magazines and exhibited on an international basis.

In September 2010, the pictures from the book were exhibited in life size formats in an exhibition during the Festival Ars Electronica 2010.

Format: 67 x 91 cm, Weight: 43 kg, 140 Pages, Photographs: 57, Hard cover in Aluminium box
The binding, box and transport packaging are handmade
ISBN 978-3-901753-25-1, € 5,700,-

MY HUSBAND AND ME, ME AND MY WIFE – Collector's Edition:
FINE ART PRINT signed, numbered and in limited edition.
Carbon Print with book, picture format: 150 X 100 cm, Copies: 10, € 10,000,-