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GoSee Recommendation : Pamir – forgotten people on the roof of the world by Mareile and Matthieu Paley. Invite to Gruner & Jahr in Hamburg and photo book published by Knesebeck

On 7 November 2012 GEO and the Knesebeck publishing house are putting on a special evening with Mareile and Matthieu Paley in Hamburg. They will present their recently published photo book ‘Pamir – forgotten people on the roof of the world’ with a few personal stories and anecdotes.

The German / French couple met on a cruise between Malaysia and Indonesia and have been travelling the world (mainly Asia and the Himalaya region) together ever since. It was on one of these trips that they discovered Pamir. Deeply traditional people live forgotten by the rest of civilisation in this remote corner of Afghanistan at heights of 4,000 metres and temperatures of minus 40C°.

The Pamir mountain range is located at the furthest reaches of Afghanistan and is home to semi-nomads, who originally only came there in the summer to feed their cattle. Before the border was closed during the cold war, they escaped the icy temperature of minus 40 degrees in the winter by going to the valleys of what is now known as Tadzhikistan. They are locked in a small passage between Pakistan, China and Tadzhikistan and live their life in material poverty and steeped in tradition.

Mareile and Matthieu Paley kept revisiting these people and have found a second home with the Indo-European Wakhis and the Kirghiz semi-nomads. The expressive photographs, authentic travel journals and ethnographic commentary by Ted Callahan tell the story of a people from a different reality – a forgotten people on the roof of the world.

Pamir - Forgotten people on the roof of the world
(Pamir - Vergessenes Volk auf dem Dach der Welt)
7.11.2012, 7.30pm
Gruner & Jahr Pressehaus
Am Baumwall 11
20459 Hamburg
If you are interested in attending please contact Florens Eckert, Knesebeck publishing: feckert@knesebeck-verlag.de

Pamir - Forgotten people on the roof of the world
(Pamir - Vergessenes Volk auf dem Dach der Welt)
Mareile and Matthieu Paley

With text by ethnologist Ted Callahan
bound, 288 pages
including 180 colour images
Price € 39,95 [D] / 41,10 [A] / sFr 53,90
ISBN 978-3-86873-516-1