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Mare Publications photographic reality meets the subtle powers of imagination - two book reviews on GoSee

The Mare picture book “Das Gesicht der Meere” (The Face of the Ocean) shows images, in which the ocean and the land meet. For his portrayal and detailed studies of islands, coastal areas, capes and straits, Claudius Diemer has studied tens of thousands of Satellite images.

Claudius Diemer, born in 1969 in Cologne, studied photographic engineering and applied physical geography with a focus on processing of aerial and satellite photographs. After working as an expert for satellite images, he has now entirely devoted himself to the aesthetic aspect of earth portraits

The picture book is categorised according to oceans; every chapter features an introduction. “Das Gesicht der Meere” is more than a picture book, it manages to balance between art, science and documentation.

Claudius Diemer
“Das Gesicht der Meere
Inseln und Küsten aus der Weltraumperspektive”

(The Face of the Ocean: Islands and Coastlines from a satellite perspective)
With text by Kerstin Stelzer and Carsten Brockmann
144 pages, Cloth-binding with Cover-Jacket
ISBN 978-3-86648-098-8
58,00 € / 98,00 SFR

We cannot imagine that there might still be places that are hard to reach. Yet, Judith Schalansky took it upon herself to rally them: Fifty remote islands, which are remote in every sense of the word, far from the mainland, far from humans, far from airports and travel catalogues.

The book tells of rare animals and strange men – of stranded slaves and lonesome explorers of nature, strayed discoverers and confused lighthouse wardens, sailors in mutiny and forgotten shipwrecked, brave prisoners and jailers, that have been transferred for disciplinary reasons.

Artistically illustrated and printed in five special colours throughout, the atlas presents the islands in respective benchmark, categorised by oceans.

Judith studied History of Art and Communication Design and lives and works as a freelance writer and designer in Berlin. She teaches Typographical Basics in Potsdam. In 2006, she published her typographical compendium Fraktur mon Amour, which has been distinguished with various design awards. In 2008 Mare published her acclaimed literary debut “Blau steht Dir nicht”.

Judith Schalansky
Atlas der abgelegenen Inseln
Fünfzig Inseln, auf denen ich nie war und niemals sein werde

(Atlas of Remote Islands:
Fifty Islands which I have never visited and will never visit)
144 Pages
ISBN 978-3-86648-117-6
34,00 € / 54,90 SFR