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Netherlands Down Under ? Siebe Swart - The Low Land documents the water works

After his Panoram-project in 2007, photographer Siebe Swart dedicated himself to the subject of 'Netherlands and the water'.

Hence, he spent lots of time in a helicopter over the last years and documented the fight between man and water both in a very aesthetic but also rather immediate fashion. A war against rising water – to be precise.

This perspective brings the deformation and wounds to the forefront, which have been left behind in the landscape by various activities – artificial islands, silted arid, old damns, water treatment facilities as far as the eye can see.

Siebe Swart (1957, Amsterdam) used to study chemistry before she ended up at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and became a photography student at the AKI in Enschede.

The exhibition at the the Huis Marseille Shop in December 2011 is accompanied by Siebe Swart’s book 'Het Lage Land (The Low Land)’, published by Erven de Toekosmt.