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SCREENings "Internet goes Print" : friends & partners - Lürzer's Archive, seen.by, Hasselblad, as well as DRS Rent and Studios

This year, some wonderful sponsors are once again supporting the AWARD, all are industry related and thus important communication facilitators in the industry.

For many years, Lürzer's has been a reliable source for quality in advertising. And we love getting our hands on a copy of their 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide magazine….

photography has just won a comparison by the ‘Photographie’ specialist magazine. No one offers high quality prints in bond and acryl at their prices. The respected specialist magazine tested six internet-based services. We are looking forward to the presentation of the SCREENings finalists on the platform’s website and the high quality exhibition at the event location.

Hasselblad are not just sponsoring the event, but also promoting it through their own worldwide network. We would like to use this opportunity to say thank you for their assistance.

The Hasselblad and DRS Studio and Rent cooperation is an exciting expansion of the award’s philosophy – enabling photography that already exists in the internet to be put to paper (which is already a great achievement in itself) with the help of seen.by and Lürzer's – and a photographer will be provided with the opportunity of going wild in Berlin and surprising us with their creativity.

It has become a standard for GoSee to provide the winners with a free annual membership. We just wanted to mention it again at this point, as well as the almost 600,000 visitors on the GoSee site per month, or the many new features on the GoSee site, which make it the market’s leader.