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seen.by : micro photography with Eye of Science - a visual ode to the complexity of the smallest things & price cuts in fine art photos

Seen.by presents the artists of the month: Oliver MECKES and Nicole OTTAWA. They specialise in scientific imagery from the world of Microcosms. The untrained eye sees crystal mountains, red blue pastels and a thorny forest. However, in reality the images depict pulmonary alveoli, parasites and lavender.

Following a childhood interest in microscopy, a classic photography education and plenty of practical experience at the institute of scientific photography, Oliver learnt all there is to know about interference, holography and striation optics. He realised photos witrh light and electron microscopes.

14 years ago, he founded a laboratory for microphotography with his business and private partner Nicole Ottawa. The cooperation between the biologist and photographer is called “Eye of Science". They need about a week to complete their images and work some what differently to most colleagues in the fashion and car industries.

When it comes to their speciality, they are amongst the most successful photographers in the world and have been distinguished with countless prizes including the World Press Award, the German Prize for Scienfitic Photography, as well as the Lennart Nilsson Award.

Oliver and Nicole’s work has been published in renowned publications such as Geo, Bild der Wissenschaft, Science and Nature, they are employed by both pharmaceutical firms as well as research institutes – and thanks to seen.by, anyone with an appreciation of microscopic beauty.

Their view of the world has changed since they have been able to see everything so clearly : “you gain even more respect for creation”. They see their work as a visual ode to the complexity of the smallest things.

Since October, seen.by has become Europe’s largest website for photo art, not only active with a new online look, but also with radical price cuts.

A 100 x 100 cm fine art photo is currently priced at 35 Euro, it can be mounted on aluminium for 140 Euro or behind Perspex (Diasec) for just 220 Euro. See their price list of formats online.

Those that do not wish to print their own photos are spoilt for choice with over 2,500 selected images by professional photographers.

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