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news | The industry’s annual meeting for professional 3D visualisation RTT Excite 2013 ends with record visitor numbers, showreel 2012 and the 2013 NAIAS Chevy Accessories Configurator on GoSee

The RTT Excite 2013, the annual industry meeting for professional 3D visualisation closed with a significant amount of visitor numbers. The RTT Excite 2013, which took place on 25 and 26 April in Munich, attracted a record-breaking 1,100 visitors from over 20 countries. They were presented with the latest high-end 3D visualisation solutions and talks, including ones by leading members of companies such as Audi, BMW, Gucci, Adidas, Miele, as well as the keynote presentation by Co-Founder and CEO …

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news | TEANA Launch for DONGFENG NISSAN. Augmented reality application by RTT sets new standards in the automobile industry

RTT, leading provider of professional 3D visualisation, has raised the bar for the use of Augmented Reality (AR) for marketing and industry applications. Indeed, RTT recently created a spectacular presentation based on AR for the launch of the new ‘Teana’ by DONGFENG NISSAN: the audience in Guangzhou/China was offered a detailed and scale model product experience, which had previously never been achieved in this form and quality. RTT Marketing Solution Teams was solely responsible fo …

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news | RTT : MY TOYOTA TV spot in CGI, RTT Excite industry event on 25 - 26 April in Munich plus the Student Visualization Award 2013 in 3D visualisation

RTT recently personalised the ‘My Toyota’ TV spot. As a leading provider of professional 3D visualisation in real time, RTT developed a TV spot for two TOYOTA MOTORS EUROPE models the AURIS and VERSO. The convincing storyboard and RTT’s CGI competence ensured the simple and rapid adjustment of the TV spot. Each vehicle was captured precisely and was replaced by other vehicle data, which was rendered in the film. This consequently enabled maximum flexibility for each TV spot …

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news | RTT - develops true-to-life 3D driving simulation solutions and presentation at the Excite 2012 for pilot client BMW

RTT developed the design and engineering solution RTT DeltaGen Real Drive for a virtual driving simulation experience in line with their cooperation with vehicle dynamics specialist IPG Automotive. They managed to link the virtual 3D simulation with physically accurate movement data from vehicle and traffic and thus create a joint exchange platform for designers, construction engineers and operation developers. The RTT company presented the application to the public for the first time at the …

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blog | Markteinführung der neuen Software-Version von RTT DeltaGen®

RTT gibt heute die Markteinführung der neuen Software-Version seines Kernprodukts RTT DeltaGen® offiziell bekannt. Die wichtigsten Features von DeltaGen 11 auf einen Blick: _ Aufgabenorientierte Benutzeroberfläche unterstützt noch intuitiveres Arbeiten _ Simulation von interaktiven Texturen – sogar via Fernzugriff _ Hochrealistische Beleuchtungs-Highlights mittels Lens-Flare-Effekte _ Hochwertiges Global Illumination (GI) in noch kürzerer Zeit _ …

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news | NEW : RTT, 3D visualisation; RTT EXCITE 2012 presented the Crème de la Crème of 3D visualisation

NEW at GoSee: RTT. RTT comes up with creative, fascinating 3D visualisation solutions, making products come to life and tangible in real-time while being informative at the same time. The company supports its client through the full life cycle of the product in question – from concept, to design and marketing, even distribution. RTT Excite 2012 (26 + 27 April, Munich) presented the Crème de la Crème of 3D visualisations. The leading business event for professional 3D visu …

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