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Slanted Magazine #25 : featuring zeitgenössische Design-Arbeiten made in Paris

Vorigen Februar verbrachte die SLANTED Redaktion eine Woche in Paris, um dort zeitgenössischen Design Arbeiten und der so oft geliebt-gehassten Hauptstadt Frankreichs zu frönen. Das Team traf auf 18 Design-Studios und fand sowohl Denkansätze in Bezug auf eine sich ständig verändernde Gesellschaft, als auch auf Esprit und systemzersetzenden Humor. Sie produzierten Studio-Portraits, die ein lebhaftes Bild der Szene wiedergeben. Und natürlich, wie in jeder Ausgabe, wird auch #25 durch Illustrationen, Fotografien und Fine Art komplettiert. Zusätzlich entstanden Video-Interviews, die mit Filmmaterial angereichert wurden. Zu sehen auf

Visites et auteurs:
ABM Studio, Akatre, Quentin Aldhui, Amelange, Philippe Apeloig, Atelier de Création Graphique, Atelier Formes Vives, Atelier Michel Bouvet, Benoît Bodhuin, Caroline Bouige, Lea Brousse, c-album, Charlotte Cheetham, Coco, Jocelyn Cottencin, Sophie Della Corte, Des Signes, Pierre-Olivier Deschamps, deValence, Jonathan Fabreguettes, Fontyou, Morgan Fortems, Fabienne Francisco, Frédéric Teschner Studio, Amélie Gastaut, Stéphane Goddard, GUsto, Hannah & Joel, Ilka Helmig, Helmo, Mehdi Hercberg, Étienne Hervy, Laurent Fétis & Sarah Martinon, Olivier Lebrun, Les Graphiquants, Véfa Lucas, Ian Lynam, Guillaume Mary, Thibault Maupetit, Fanette Mellier, Isabelle Moisy, Charlotte Molas, My Name is Wendy, Vincent Perrottet, Pinar&Viola, Jean François Porchez, Émilie Rigaud, Étienne Robial, Raban Ruddigkeit, Alice Sfintesco, Julie Sittler, Spassky Fischer, Superscript, Syndicat, Frédéric Tacer, Pierre Vanni, Vier5, Yorgo&Co.

The booklet “Contemporary Typefaces” presents fourteen recently published typefaces we think are important and interesting: Amster (Francisco Gálvez / PampaType), Beausite (Yassin Baggar / Fatype), Berlingske (Jonas Heksher / Playtype), Christel (Sascha Timplan / Stereotypes), Duwal Pro (Dennis Dünnwald / VolcanoType), Gemeli Micro (Jean-Baptiste Levée / Production Type), Kraaken FY (Fontyou graphic and type team / Fontyou), Mislab (Xavier Dupré / Typofonderie), Patron (Timo Gaessner / Milieu Grotesque), Plaak (Damien Gautier / Éditions deux-cent-cinq), Superb (Paco González / Resistenza), Taz Wide & Extended (Luc(as) de Groot / LucasFonts), UIB (Damiá Rotger Miró / Ductil), Woodkit (Ondrej Job / Typotheque)

Slanted Magazine #25 – Paris
. Erhältlich als Einzelausgabe oder Special Edition.
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Slanted Magazine #24 – Istanbul, Release: October 2014

Istanbul – the city on the Bosphorus – is famous for its countless minarets, magnificent palaces, colorful markets and traders, seagulls and stray cats. Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world that unites two continents. Traditional crafts collide with a young and blossoming art and design scene, which is slowly changing the face and image of the city.

Slanted takes a close-up look at contemporary design work and all the tumultuous developments in this cultural melting pot city balanced between the Orient and the Occident. On their one-week-trip the Slanted team met 15 design studios and produced comprehensive studio portraits which provide a vivid and up-to-the-minute picture of the scene. The resulting video interviews have been enriched with video material from the Shutterstock collection. Thanks to Augmented Reality and the Junaio app, readers can easily watch embedded videos of the Istanbul turu on mobile devices. The issue is thematically complemented by illustrations, photography and fine art from contemporary culture.

The cover is dedicated to Metin Edremit, the designer of the original “Istanbul symbol” whose design won first place in a competition 1969. The “logo” symbolizes many things, such as the seven hills upon which Istanbul was built and the city skyline. With small, formal changes, it now graces the 2-color printed letterpress-cover.

Istanbul turu: Aslı Altay, Yurdaer Altıntaş, Yetkin Başarır, Christopher Çolak, Burak Delier, Cem Dinlenmiş, Bülent Erkmen, İnci Eviner, Sedat Girgin, Esen Karol, Tamer Köşeli, Şükran Moral, Ali Taptık, Mehmet Ali Türkmen, Onur F. Yazıcıgil

24 hills: Works, Photography, Fontnames Illustrated, 10 × 10 Interviews, Essays, Index

The booklet “Contemporary Typefaces” presents fourteen recently published typefaces we think are important and interesting: Alverata (Gerard Unger / TypeTogether), Anisette (Jean François Porchez / Typofonderie), CA Recape (Thomas Schostok / Cape Arcona Type Foundry), Cardea (David Cabianca / Emigre), Euclid Flex (Swiss Typefaces design team / Swiss Typefaces), Karol Sans (Daniel Sabino / Type-Ø-Tones), Laski Slab (Paula Mastrangelo, Ramiro Espinoza / ReType), Lava (Peter Biľak / Typotheque), Muriza (Jakob Runge, Jürgen Schwarz / type me! fonts), Noe Display (Lauri Toikka / Schick Toikka), Quire Sans (Jim Ford / Monotype), Square Sans (Panos Vassiliou / Parachute), Version 1 International (Oliver Jeschke, Oliver Mayer / VolcanoType), Walmer Marker (Jarno Lukkarila / Typolar).

Slanted Magazine #24 – Istanbul, Publisher, Design and Editor: Slanted Publishers, Release: October 2014
Format: 16 × 24 cm, Volume: 288 pages, Language: English, German, Price: DE: 18 Euro / Others: 21 Euro

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Typodarium 2015 – with a fresh font for every day

The secret typographical weapon against typotony, a curable form of typographical monotony, frequently manifested through the symptom of constant use of the same font (preferably Helvetica). You know true typography buffs by the brace of little boxes that can be found in their desk drawers: 9 by 12 cm in size, neon green and orange, bright blue and pink, chrome silver and navy blue, filled to the brim with little strips of paper, creative professionals’ nectar and ambrosia, your trusty companion for typography ideas outside of the mainstream. It’s the Typodarium’s second life on earth – how practical!

But even before its reincarnation, the chubby little calendar is there for you: supplying handy daily typography inspiration right on your desk, your kitchen table, or right off your wall, delighting professionals, surprising beginners and giving anyone and everyone a taste of the gorgeous diversity of modern font design. For seven years now, the Typodarium has proven an irreplaceable asset for all manner of font aficionados all over the world!

This year around, our colour palette is inspired by Mexico: The Typodarium’s vibrant pink and resplendent yellow will deliver fresh exotic inspirations and brilliant sunlight straight to your desktop. Jury members Philippe Apeloig, Alexander Branczyk, Martina Flor, Ivo Gabrowitsch and Mario Lombardo have all done their bit to make you, too, beam at the sight of a new font every day.

Typodarium 2015 with a fresh font for every day Editors: Lars Harmsen, Raban Ruddigkeit Publisher: Hermann Schmidt Mainz . Format: 8.5 × 12 cm, Volume: 365 fonts by 223 designers from 31 countries on 384 pages, printed on both sides . Language: English, Specials: Packaged in a sturdy collecting box for archiving the type samples EAN 4260172810463, Price: 16.80 Euro Buy here:
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