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news | From SOS Kinderdorf India to ELTERN editorial at home. Kids portraits by Michela MOROSINI

Michela MOROSINI travelled to India for SOS KINDERDORF and photographed new campaign images over there. She was in the studio forest for an ELTERN fashion feature and in home pastures with the little ‘uns to capture a new perspective on ‘the world from below’.

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news | Sweating in Miami - Andi FRANK for RUNNERS POINT campaign

Photographer Andi FRANK is the man behind the new RUNNERS POINT campaign. He took the pictures and went on a sweaty run along the way in Miami. RUNNERS POINT is one of Germany’s leading specialist sportswear chains. The campaign focuses on the RUNNERS POINT and Run² by RUNNERS POINT stores, specialising in running: over 130 stores have a vast variety of running equipment from all leading brands and professional running consultant to hand, armed with the latest computer technology to e …

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news | Dirk BRUNIECKI with Felix Neureuther for GQ, ADIDAS annual report, AUDI and CICERO portrait

For the Love of Sport: Dirk BRUNIECKI shoots the ADIDAS 2013 annual report. GQ sent him to Bavaria to hang out with ski racer Felix Neureuther, who was busy training ‘freeletics’ style, a new workout trend without any equipment. AUDI commissioned Dirk Bruniecki with a work report on staff in the ‘second row’, that aren’t directly involved in the car assembly process. The company wanted to highlight their importance, since without the help of these workers, the c …

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news | Star violinist David Garrett for AUDI, MC KINLEY campaign and BLACK SHEEP SPORTS – photography by Rasmus KAESSMANN

Photographer Rasmus KAESSMANN shows us some more action. This time was an exception, as no sports equipment was involved, he instead focused his lens on a musical instrument. He photographed celebrity violinist David Garrett for AUDI. Things calmed down a bit with the MC KINLEY Red campaign, an acronym for Real Experience Design, living design to the max. Afterwards he was back up on a mountain, in the Dolomites at Passo Valparola to be precise, where Rasmus and his team were exerting themse …

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news | ARCANUM launch and first CARTOON images – fashion shoots by Johannes GRAF

Johannes GRAF carried out a shoot for new fashion label ARCANUM (Latin for ‘the secretive’). Model Sarah supported him on the brand’s launch, Brigitte Wilhelm carried out the styling and Alexandra Waldher perfected the hair and make-up. Art direction & retouch by GoSee Member RAMONA REUTER. In addition we present Johannes Graf’s first images for his client CARTOON’s new collection.

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news | THE BODY SHOP and SEE BY CHLOÉ – photography Donja PITSCH

Donja PITSCH captured really natural, yet intense, colours in her photographs for client THE BODY SHOP. GoSee presents her recent shoot in Paris for SEE BY CHLOÉ, with fashion for young Chloé fans. Stella McCartney set up French label Chloé’s diffusion line when she was in charge of designing the main range.

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news | ADAGIO apartment hotel image campaign, WIENERIN cover story and COLLECTION VOYAGE images in Nice – Donna PITSCH ‘s latest works

Photographer Donja PITSCH carried out the image campaign shoot in Vienna for ADAGIO apartment hotels. In addition she worked in Austria’s capital city for eponymous magazine WIENERIN’s cover story. Afterwards she headed off to Nice in the South of France where she photographed luxurious high-end casualwear for fashion client ‘Collection Voyage’.

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news | Painter Gordon France for the SIEMENS annual report and portrait of noise researcher Professor Lechner – photos by Dirk BRUNIECKI

Dirk BRUNIECKI travelled to the USA for the SIEMENS annual report. Across the pond he photographed painter Gordon France, a former successful advertiser and ice-hockey player. After a sustained knee injury Gordon received new knee joints, enabling him to still play today. In addition to this Dirk Bruniecki had a noisy experience in Austria. He met the distinguished noise researcher in the middle of an impressive public sound installation in beautiful Innsbruck. About - Gordon France began …

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news | RENA LANGE lingerie campaign, QVEST magazine editorial and personal series - artwork by Johannes GRAF

The RENA LANGE lingerie campaign has now launched. He also shot the ‘love’ spread for QVEST magazine and we present a selection from his personal series, entitled ‘Lea’, here on GoSee.

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news | In Leipzig Football Arena for RED BULL and flying FC SALZBURG – photos by Rasmus KAESSMANN

We can finally show the pictures of RB Leipzig’ raging bulls shouting their lungs out at Leipzig’s football arena for RED BULL and photographer Rasmus KAESSMANN, as well as FC Salzburg, who also showed off how they can (practically) fly for RED BULL. Check out for more portraits of the herd.

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