Tim Thiel

news | Portraits for VTS CONSULTING GROUP in the deep, dark forest – pictures by Tim THIEL

The team ventured deep into the forest to produce the Human Resources shoot with the staff of the VTS CONSULTING GROUP. They used a variety of company accessories to create the images - from a Mini Cooper to an office chair. The responsible agency was Lepetitmax OHG with CD Stefanie Seif. Marion Nerlinger applied the make-up in the wild surroundings and GoSee member NACHSPIEL once again carried out all post-production work.

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news | Mexican journey with ‘Frida Kahlo’ for the FLIP FLOP Spring Summer 2014 catalogue – photography by Tim THIEL

TIM THIEL snapped a colourful series of fashion and still life pictures as part of the Spring / Summer 2014 catalogue for shoe and fashion brand Flip*Flop in a trendy old warehouse space. Photographer Tim THIEL told GoSee: ‘model Agnes really had the perfect look for our ‘Mexican journey’ theme’. Stylist Anke Lachmuth and make-up artist Vanessa Feilitsch then completely transformed her into an uncanny contemporary version of Frida Kahlo. The agency in charge was Lepetitma …

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news | Just around the corner in Ticino for MIGROS ‘Bella Italia’ – captured by Tim THIEL

Tim and his team travelled to gorgeous Ticino, Switzerland, where they captured ‘beautiful Italy’ for Swiss client MIGROS. Zurich based Wirz agency with Nicole Suter and Fabienne Huwyler in art buying and art director Cornelia Eiwanger commissioned the happy ‘Bella Italia’ production. Karin Messerli and her team carried out the styling with food and equipment and GoSee Member NACHSPIEL was responsible for post-production.

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news | Tim Thiel : sharing for SAL. OPPENHEIM, JOOP! Jewellery&Time Autumn/Winter 2013 catalogue and images for the new JOLIBELLE jewellery label

‘Finally still life and food with a great idea!’ photographer Tim Thiel told GoSee. This time private bank SAL. OPPENHEIM’s very special client magazine was dedicated to the subject of sharing. To convey this in the best visual way possible, Tim and food stylist Jürgen Vondung were commissioned to ‘share’ yummy tarts and cakes in a different way… go see for yourself. The supervising agency was Peter Schmidt Group GmbH with CD Bernd Vollmöller. Ti …

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news | BLUMAY. A synergy of photography, painting and illustration. On show at CHIO, Aachen and here on GoSee

TIM THIEL and Stefanie Seif are BLUMAY. Their latest exhibition ‘Structure Formations’ is centred on natural patterns, natural imagery and horses. Each image has been developed further through the later addition of various media, such as acrylic plates, biro, gold leaf and resin. New surfaces and structures are created and interact. The (un-)structuring of nature, objects and situations is picked up on. The reworking of the photographs through drawing, material and colour adds …

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news | Tim Thiel : summer feeling for the BUFFALO BOOTS summer campaign and the Easter report for Swiss brand MIGROS

Concentrated summer feeling. Tim THIEL photographed colourful fashion motifs for the current BUFFALO BOOTS ‘Summer Recall’ campaign. Models Luda and Hanna posed ‘easy & chilled’ with a parasol and the legendary ice cream cone dummy. Anke LACHMUTH c/o GoSee member LIGANORD researched the stylish and quirky outfits and props, while Susan VOSS-REDFERN c/o FAME AGENCY was responsible for creating the hairstyles. The advertising agency in charge was Lepetitmax w …

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news | Tim Thiel : night tour for BUFFALO BOOTS and the ‘city like’ image campaign for Lepetitmax as well as Gypsy lifestyle visuals

BUFFALO BOOTS once again booked Tim THIEL for their ‘city like’ image campaign. Tim and his team made their way to the big city to meet model Malgozata from EAST WEST for a night time rendezvous. The result is a series of atmospheric fashion images. Susan Voss-Redfern c/o FAME was in charge of make-up. The advertising agency was Lepetitmax with CD Stefanie Seif. They realised lifestyle visuals in nature for an online shop production. Model Bente had lots of fun with the beautiful …

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news | Tim Thiel : adventurous Iceland - geysers, sheets of ice and herds of horses for ANDREAE-NORIS ZAHN AG’s printed material, sporty images for ASPERO Sports GmbH

Adventurous Iceland. ANDREAE-NORIS ZAHN AG once again booked Tim for their 2013 printed material. They used his images of geysers, sheets of ice and herds of horses as well as various still life pictures for their company’s 2013 calendar. Tim experienced the wilderness, the elemental forces of nature and wild horses. LePetitMax with Stefanie Seif was once again the agency in charge; NACHSPIEL was responsible for post-production. Tim also had the chance to produce fashion shots aroun …

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news | Tim Thiel : portrait shoot for LePetitMax and client VATER & JUNGHÄNEL - lawyers and solicitors

Creative agency LePetitMax with Stefanie Seif commissioned photographer Tim THIEL to carry out a portrait shoot for client VATER & JUNGHÄNEL - lawyers and solicitors’ new advertising image, which is coming out soon. He produced black&white images – and even the chambers’ dog posed for a picture. GoSee member NACHSPIEL was in charge of post-production. Wirz advertising agency just booked Tim for a people shoot in Switzerland. We will show you the photographs …

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news | Tim Thiel : ... don’t forget the tinsel – Christmassy images for Lepetitmax as well as his BLUMAY exhibition – a synergy of photography, painting and drawing

The Lepetitmax creative agency commissioned Tim to capture Christmassy photos for their company image in a totally different way this year. He created the concept and homogenous visual language in very close collaboration with the agency. The theme was ‘don’t forget the tinsel’ and Tim produced glittering, funny and enchanting photographs to match. They will present a new image every day from December on Facebook. B L U M A Y is a synergy of photography, painting and dr …

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