news | Toptip – live how you live. The new TOPTIP interiors with people and interior shots by Uwe KREJCI

Uwe KREJCI once again captured furniture trends for the TOPTIP 2014 catalogue. He photographed the seven interior themes within one week. Besides the cover image, the Swiss furniture company also chose to use images for the work, decorate, live, sleep and eat categories.

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news | Juventino MATEO wows us with the WERENBACH watch campaign and pictures for the new album by Swiss band ZOFKA

Juventino MATEO LEON shot the new campaign images for Swiss watch company WERENBACH and also took a portrait of CEO Patrick Hohmann. The material for WERENBACH watches comes from Sojus rockets, the symbol of Russian space travel, which took off in Baikonur, Kazakhstan. Downbeat chanson, Electropop, NuJazz and Chill Out – welcome to the sound of ŽOFKA. The duo comprises singer Myriam Russo and musician Michael Ricar. Juventino MATEO LEON snapped the latest album pictures for the Swiss b …

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news | Visualeyes now represents Istvàn VIZNER for Switzerland

VISUALEYES is also pleased to welcome new entry István VIZNER. The Switzerland and US based photographer can look back on many years of professional experience and is also well versed in digital art and post-production, which he often combines with CGI. István Vizner already featured in LÜRZER'S ARCHIVE for 200 Best Digital Artists and 200 Best Ad Photographer Worldwide. See a selection of work here on GoSee and more directly via Visual Eyes. …

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news | ‘Desert fever’ in German GALA – photography by Roger WEBER

Photographer Roger WEBER had ‘desert fever’ for German GALA magazine. Sophia Costima styled the pictures. See the fashion editorial right here on GoSee.

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news | Iuna TINTA for ROXY as well as personal work and a portrait by the illustrator and graphic designer here on GoSee

Iuna TINTA, an illustrator and graphic designer from Zurich, created designs for ROXY Snowboards. She drew the famous Swiss Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau mountains amongst others. Go see pictures attached. Also here on GoSee: new work by Iuna Tinta. Iuna's work is inspired by Central and South American figures, Polynesian patterns as well as Japanese animal depictions from the Shinto religion. luna works as a freelancer for companies such as Unity Snowboards, Whiteout magazine and a variety of …

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news | Juventino Mateo LEON presents his ‘Joker’

Juventino Mateo LEON drew inspiration from the popular Joker character for a personal project. He created the pictures, which we are pleased to present here on GoSee, in collaboration with hair and make-up artist Arlette Kobler and model Fabian Pfenninger in his Zurich studio.

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news | NAVYBOOT campaign – photography by Marie-Christine GERBER

Marie-Christine GERBER photographed the new campaign for the Spring 2014 collection by Swiss fashion company NAVYBOOT in collaboration with By Heart agency. The creative director on set was Hans Siegwart and Nonda Coutsicos carried out the art direction. Aeschmann Klauser was in charge of post-production.

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news | Criminal ‘Olympia in Sotschi’ illustrations for SONNTAGSZEITUNG and portrait for ETH LIFE – artwork by KORNEL

KORNEL illustrated the image we present here on GoSee for Zurich SONNTAGSZEITUNG on the very current topic of the Olympic Winter games in Sochi. The newspaper published the illustration as part of a report on economic espionage and cyber criminals during the Olympic games. Kornel also illustrated a portrait for ETH LIFE – the University of Zurich online portal. ETH Zurich is one of the leading technology-science universities in the world. It is famous for its excellent teaching, ground-bre …

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news | Carioca Studio Win Silver and Gold at the ADC Switzerland 2014 Awards for their work for RENAULT and Publicis Switzerland, as well as ZKO for Havas Worldwide

SILVER AND GOLD FOR CARIOCA AT ADC GALA! Visualeyes International is delighted to announce that the CARIOCA photographer team won awards at ADC Switzerland. They won silver for their RENAULT ‘For a smoother ride’ image for Publicis Switzerland and Silver and Gold for their ZKO images. Switzerland’s top 100 creatives spent two days judging the past year’s best creative work under the direction of Jury Head Markus Gut and this year’s guest judge, Swiss director an …

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news | Visualeyes International : PRINCE LÁUDER’s illustrations for GIVENCHY Ombre Couture as well as a Diana Vreeland portrait and editorial for HARPER’S BAZAAR

Illustrator and mixed media artist PRINCE LÁUDER got the chance to produce an editorial in his signature style for HARPER'S BAZAAR CHINA as well as giving an interview for the same issue. He also portrayed DIANA VREELAND (1903 -1989) for HARPER'S BAZAAR MEXICO - an American fashion designer, columnist, critic and editor in the fashion and design industry and a New York socialite. He also created work for GIVENCHY Paris documented by VOGUE MEXICO. Work in progress – an art in itse …

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