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news | zweimalig Fotografie : new logo, new internet, motifs for CP GOLF WEB MARKETING GmbH and free work in XXL

ZWEIMALIG photographers have an all-round revamped image. The logo wasn’t the only thing to get a new look, the website was also treated to a makeover. The duo comment, “We really wanted to get our online presence up to date and wanted to show ourselves from our good side, so as to stand out from the crowd. A relaunch without new work would of course only be half as nice, so we already have a handful of new free and commissioned work on there”. This includes for ex …

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news | zweimalig Fotografie : fresher, newer, more dramatic – the new product catalogue for TOUCAN-T Carpet Manufacture GmbH

The photography team from Cologne shot the new product catalogue for TOUCAN-T, one of the leading high quality carpet manufacturers in Germany. Annett Janowiak worked on the set design on location. Both of them about the project: ‘we revived three locations, some of which were empty, in keeping with our theme ‘fresher, newer, more dramatic’. Thus we created over 60 elaborately staged photographs, which are unique and very different from what competitors are offering.’ …

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news | Zweimalig Photographie : Grand Prix de Valencia everyday test, images for America's Cup Building, Ciudad de las Artes and additional free images

To celebrate the Grand Prix de Valencia, which took place this weekend, Zweimalig Photographie launched the series with this exact beautiful series here on GoSee. It presents the city street circuit as one might find it on all other 362 days of the year, less glamorous and not as busy. Some of the photographs were taken in the busy harbour area, others in the circuit sections, located amongst social housing. GoSee also presents images from ‘America's Cup Building’, likewise ph …

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news | NEW : ZWEIMALIG, photographer duo, Cologne; MANTHEY RACING and DÖRR MOTORSPORT, MERCEDES G-Class for RAMP MAG

We are pleased to announce the addition of new entry ZWEIMALIG from Cologne. The photographer duo is made up of Thomas Schorn, who specialises in stills, transportation and landscape as well as Simon Wegener, whose special interests lie in architecture, interior and documentation. The team as a whole focuses on advertising and architectural photography. They already worked on collaborative projects during their study time and have developed a deep understanding of each other’s modus op …

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