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About 1st Unit

1st Unit - Agentur für Filmschaffende (crew agency) was founded in Munich in 1997. The company has launched a service concept on the German market which is quite common in other European countries and the United States. Elke Apelt, who has worked with Hans-Joachim Berndt, Filmhaus München, and Roman Kuhn (e.g. RKP, Lounge Entertainment and Crossing Pictures) for many years, provide creative minds behind the camera with a comprehensive set of "back-office" services.

Their slogan: "Be creative - we'll take care of the rest". Not only do they take over all administrative and organizational office duties for directors of video clips/advertising films, cameramen, costume and set designers, special-effect make-up artists etc. - they also make sure that their clients can be reached round the clock via the agency. Arranging appointments in professional as well as private matters for the represented film creators is just as much part of the service as pay and contract negotiations.

The full range also includes the important issue of acquisition as well as the establishing of contacts between film creators and potential clients.In their function as an intermediary 1st Unit helps to tap the full creative potentials of their film-producing clients.