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LOCATIONS //   Espana

About // Gabriela Zurda

Gabriela Zurda Corbarán is a Spanish illustrator and currently lives at her hometown, Cartagena.

Her work, often described as Cubism Cartoon, is based on the abstraction of movement and toughtfull color palettes, mixed with a strong sense of humor.

Gabriela studied Illustration in the Art School of Murcia but she consider herself a self-taught. Nowadays she works as a freelance illustrator for clients all over the world.

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Clients // of Gabriela Zurda

Brands and companies: American Bar Association, Book Block, Cotógraphix, Jameson Irish Whisky, Lince Studios, Monoqi, Nabla Differential Wear, Pocket Puppets, Poolga, Red Cross, Shutterstock, Social Noise, Volkswagen

Editorial: Bilanz, El País Semanal, Horchata Magazine, Litigation Journal, Narratively, Rolling Stone

Publishers: Axel Springer Mediahouse, Chucherías de Arte Ediciones, Pelgrane Press, Pittvile Press