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Planning your SS20 campaigns? Then take a closer look at Colombia with 7 Seas. Cartagena is the loveliest city in Latin America. The historical atmosphere, the grand interiors, the bold architecture, fused with a renewed cosmopolitan influence makes for a very unique and beautiful place to capture on film. And just nearby are the plethora of private casas built along the waterfront that pepper the coastline, truly spectacular for fashion and swimwear productions. Then not too far is the Rosario Island beaches, where the water is a perfect turquoise and the sand a brilliant white.
The experienced 7 Seas team have been bringing US and European clients to Colombia and Latin America for over 20 years, managing all of the paperwork, logistics and everything else in between.
Thinking Cartagena could be a great location for your next shoot? Call the team today and go somewhere you have never been with 7 Seas!

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