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“What is it like to produce in Cuba?” That’s a common question the team at 7 Seas are asked. The answer is, Cuba continues to be a fun and safe location for campaign and editorial productions.
Havana is a true drawcard for international productions thanks largely to the grand architecture throughout the city which remains untouched since the 50’s in a lot of cases. The history, the colors, the warmth and the friendly locals are also a real selling point.
Then there’s Varadero and the Cayo Coco beaches, with waters quite literally the most perfect turquoise you could hope to find. These beaches are perfect for swimwear campaigns and summer editorials. White sands, deserted beaches and charming seaside shacks all up for grabs.
Since 1999, 7 Seas have been taking clients to Cuba and it’s fair to say there is no one else better equipped to produce on the island with. You will need a work visa for everything film and photo related, but 7 Seas takes care of...

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