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news | 7 Seas Productions : HERMES SAYS TAKE ME TO CUBA - Fotograf und Regisseur Jack Davison realisiert die Hermès SS18 Kampagne mit dem Producer-Team von Christian Bengsch auf Kuba

For over 19 years the crew at Take Me To Cuba has been aptly doing just that, taking clients to Cuba and getting “the shot". Take Me To Cuba is the localized arm of the international 7 Seas Productions team who have been running a well-oiled operation and specialising in fashion campaign and editorial productions. As you can imagine, there are a few customs and visa processes to consider when travelling into Havana so it's always a benefit having a team on-the-ground who speak “Cuban”.

Most recently, the TMTC team was asked to manage all local production needs for the latest SS18 Hermès campaign, in a co-production with Blue Sand - Paris. Not a bad call to receive one Monday morning. In total the crew count reached just under 40 for the shoot and it was spread across multiple locations in Havana throughout the week. British sensation, Jack Davison was the man behind the lens on this shoot.

Take Me To Cuba
know a thing or two about fashion. Just ask Bloomingdales,...

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