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Colombia, Havana
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With a firm grasp on the very best locations in Cuba, Colombia, Argentina, the South of France and the Alps - 7 Seas have a curated portfolio of exclusive locations that have big fashion appeal. No matter the season, 7 Seas can deliver beachside mansions, snow-capped mountains, speed boats, tropicana beaches, colonial estates, quaint ski lodges, and even tobacco plantations if called for.
Over the years 7 Seas have become synonymous with fashion. All thanks to the team’s ability to intuitively know what the client needs, interpret any brief and then execute a first-class production.
7 Seas successfully collaborate with affiliate production agencies in the big fashion capitals too by becoming a trusted extension of those teams. The agencies with clients in London, New York, Milan and Berlin rely on 7 Seas to provide them the access to remote, out-of-this-world locations and manage all local on-ground production. Why not make yourself look “in-the-know” with your clients and...

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