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Igor Panitz fotografiert das elegante PORSCHE CAYENNE Coupé im Traffic-Studio für Grabarz & Partner

Im März feierte der Porsche Cayenne Coupé seine Weltpremiere. Der Luxus-Autobauer will mit dem neuen Modell das Wachstums-Segment der Lifestyle-SUV erschließen. Begleitet wird der Launch von einer internationalen Kampagne von Porsche-Agentur Grabarz & Partner unter dem Motto 'Shaped by Performance.' IGOR PANITZ konnte das PORSCHE CAYENNE COUPÉ im Traffic Studio als Indoor-Projekt in Szene setzen.... "Since the outdoor shoot in NYC was influenced by bad weather and armies of people stumbling through our sets the indoor part was almost like holidays! Thanks to Grabarz&Partner for the confidence and Npixo with Benjamin Görg and Stefan Eisele for the art work," so der Fotograf.
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Igor Panitz fotografiert das BMW 8er Coupé für Serviceplan in Torino und präsentiert seine Freestyle Version auf GoSee

In Kombination mit exklusiven Rennsport-Features ist der Luxussportwagen BMW 8er Coupé die perfekte Fusion aus höchster Qualität und maximaler Performance. IGOR PANITZ setzte das BMW 8er Coupé im Auftrag von Serviceplan mit Art Direktorin Christine Behrendt in Szene und realisierte eine Freestyle Serie, die er uns hier auf GoSee zeigt : 'These images became shot during the shoot with the BMW 8 Series Coupe in Torino. While the main shots had a more complicated concept based on projections and a moving light system, these are the freestyle motifs shot in only a few hours. It's always quite refreshing to fire from the hips during a shoot being done mostly at night using technical equipment loaded in two serious trucks. Thanks to Christine and the gang for almost giving me wings!'
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Igor Panitz : fotografiert die PORSCHE Cayenne Coupe Launch-Kampagne in New York City

This shape. It has been around for years but has been extended. Raised. Lowered. But it was always the same. This shape has won races. Many. Everyone knows it, everyone recognizes it. At night. In fog. Blind. This shape stands for everything we are. The new Cayenne Coupé.....  Die PORSCHE Cayenne Coupe Launch Kampagne wurde im Oktober 2018 vom Transportation-Spezialisten IGOR PANITZ in New York City fotografiert.

Igor Panitz zu GoSee über den Shoot : "It was rainy, the locations were just packed with people but at least Jürgen Aigner from Porsche AG was chauffeuring us through Manhattan in a brand-new black Cayenne with seat heating. I know, this doesn't sound so attractive but still, I would do it again and again and again and again.... Thanks to Jürgen, Tim Lehnebach, Ralf Nolting, Katrin Grün, Jake Mills, Alexander Richter von Npixo, Markus Weber, Thomas Neumeier and all the rest of the combo. There are shoots which are just unforgettable!"

Betreuende Agentur war Grabarz&Partner mit Art Director Tim Lehnebach. Freelance Art Buying Katrin Grün. GoSee:
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