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"Reportage photography teaches us to see the world in a different way," weiß Kristina Wilmar, Art Producerin aus Stockholm und Jury-Mitglied im Bereich REPORTAGE bei den GoSee Awards auf der UPDATE Berlin

Wenn jemand seinen Beruf mit so viel Herzblut ausübt wie Art Producerin Kristina Wilmar, ist er - oder in diesem Fall sie - natürlich die beste Wahl, die man als Jury-Mitglied für die UPdate 2014 treffen kann. Mit zehn Jahren Erfahrung in der internationalen Werbe-Welt hat die Schwedin sich ein beachtliches Portfolio aufgebaut, dass immer durch ihre intensive aber nicht aufdringlich Bildsprache bezaubert. Darunter: NIKE, LEVI'S, COCA-COLA, GLENFIDDICH, ADIDAS oder NOKIA.

Die GoSee Awards unterstützt Kristina in der Kategorie Reportage. Im Interview verrät sie den glücklichen Zufall ihrer Anfänge, die Begeisterung für Amsterdam und ihre Lieblings-Reportage-Fotografen. Eine hohe Messlatte für alle Teilnehmer - und eine tolle Herausforderung!

How did you first come into working with photography? I went to Amsterdam in 2003 to get a change of scenery and to attend a photography course. I stayed with a friend who was working in the Amsterdam advertising scene, and that was the first time I heard of Art Buying. I immediately knew that this was the job I'd always wanted, but didn't know existed. I got hired as an intern, and now I have worked as an Art Producer for ten years, and still love it! Over the years I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing talents and have met so many great photographers.

In the last 10 years you have worked as an Art Producer, the last 5 years as a Senior Art Producer at Wieden+Kennedy and before that as an Art Producer at 180 Amsterdam. ADIDAS, LEVI’S, E.A., NIKE, NOKIA or COCA COLA are some of your clients. Now you are based in Stockholm. How come?  We lived in this glorious expat bubble in Amsterdam. So easy to do. Most colleagues were expats, our clients were mostly international, and everyone in Amsterdam speaks fluent English. One day we realised that our soon to be 4-year old son's Dutch vocabulary was better then ours, and then we knew it was time to either become Dutch, or time to move on. So we moved. It was really hard giving up my job at W+K, but I'm happy to be back in Sweden, my home country, and change is always good. The advertising scene is great and there're so many talented people here.

What do you like best in the city? Do you sometimes get a little bit homesick for Amsterdam? Stockholm is very trendy and everyone is so ON IT. This is of course aesthetically pleasing in many ways, but I kind of miss the down-to-earthness of Amsterdam, maybe in some part it comes from the practicalities of biking everywhere, all year, no matter what the weather is like (and it is probably raining).

We are happy that you join our UPDATE salon in Berlin and that you will be on our jury in the REPORTAGE category. Why do you love this kind of photography? And are there any reportage photographers you adore? Thanks, I'm honoured to have been invited. For me reportage photography teaches us to see the world in a different way. I love the art of storytelling with a silent image that speaks loudly. There are so many reportage photographers I love, but to name a few of my favourites: Saul Leiter, Lise Sarfati, Anders Petersen, Joel Sternfeld, Nan Goldin, Hannah Modigh and Stephen Shore (who I've had the pleasure of working with).
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