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SONJA HEINTSCHEL präsentiert auf GoSee NEUzugang Jonathan STOKES, Landschaft, Interior, Reise & Documentary Fotografie aus London

"I really love working with natural light; the classic dawn and dusk golden hours, following the light and seeing what it does to textures and landscapes and faces. I love looking to make ‘big’ pictures loaded with detail and at the same time finding simple, graphical shapes to compliment. I’m lucky in that a lot of the work I do incorporates lots of genres of photography - from landscape and portraiture, interiors and food - so I have opportunities to play a bit. I have always been really in to cinema which definitely has influenced me. I am always taking screen shots of compositions that maybe wouldn’t naturally occur to me. I watched The Third Man for the first time when I was at university and the cinematography kind of blew my mind.' Das ganze Interview mit dem Londoner Fotograf Jonathan STOKES, Neuzugang bei SONJA HEINTSCHEL, München, findest Du auf LODESTARS ANTHOLOGY unter - wir zeigen ein erstes Portfolio auf GoSee.
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