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About Alessandra Kila

Alessandra Kila - An explorer of the metaphysical, theoretical and the fantastical - Alessandra is a crosser of borders. She looks to the natural world, scientific facts and fiction for inspiration and investigates the life of objects and their sculptural potential. Departing from their literal meaning Alessandra creates rich new juxtapositions both evocative and surreal which she translates into the emotional landscapes and dreamlike worlds of her photographs.

Alessandra Kila graduated from the University of Westminster with a Masters Degree in Photographic Studies.

Clients of Alessandra Kila

2014 Altering Space, Southwest School of Arts, San Antonio, Texas, USA (group)
2012 Juxtaposition, See Studio gallery, London, UK (group)
2012 Voice of the Grain, Ambika P3, London, UK (group)
2012 MAPS Interim Show, London Gallery West, UK (group)
2011 Confined Spaces, V2 gallery, Charleroi, Belgium (solo)
2008 Exquisite Decay, Whitecross Gallery, London, UK (group)
2008 Contrapolis; or, Creativity and Enclosure in the Cities, NAi & Poortgebouw, Rotterdam, Nederland (group)
2007 Foundations, Space Gallery, London, UK (group)
2007 Terrain Vague, Whitecross Gallery, London, UK (group)
2007 Best of Photography, London Gallery West, London, UK (group) 2007 Free Range
2007, Atlantis Gallery, London, UK (group)

2013 Nomination to the Deutche Börse Photography Price for the self published book “A Partial History”.
2013 Honorable Mention at the International Photography Awards 2013, in the Still Life Category.

2014 Don’t Panic choice of Photographers,
2013 It’s Nice That,
2012 A Partial History, privately published, London, UK.
2012 “Olympian Visions” in The Art of Dissent: Adventures in London’s Olympic State, Marshgate Press, London, UK.
2012 Olympian Visions, Visual Studies, Taylor and Francis, Vol. 27, No. 2
2012 Isaac Marrero-Guillamón, ‘Photography against the Olympic Spectacle’, Visual Studies, Taylor and Francis, Vol. 27, Issue 2, p. 132-139.
2012 An interview for 2012 Pics,
2012 Calabria: A Journal, privately published, London, UK.
2007 ‘Sophisticated Savagery’, The Wire, no.278, London, UK.
2006 Merz Magazine 4, Bregenzer Kunstverein, Bregenz, Austria.
2006 ‘Dis-Integrating Multiculturalism’, Mute, Vol.2, no.2, London, UK.
2005 Second Nature, privately published, London, UK. 
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