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Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE stylt die GOETZE 2020 Kampagne, Fotos Davit Giorgadze

Founded by Sissi Goetze after graduating with an MA in menswear from Central Saint Martins in London, GOETZE was formed around an on-going exploration of formal and casual sensibilities within essential menswear items. Since recently GOETZE keeps a strong focus on complex shirting making it the label’s key items. Based in Berlin, GOETZE draws upon the city’s intersection of unconventional lifestyle with elements extracted from art, design and leisure to develop and craft each collection.

Christian STEMMLER c/o AK/KRUSE steht seit acht Jahren als Consultant und Stylist an Sissis Seite und produziert alle Kampagnen für das Label. Mit Fotograf Davit Giorgadze inszenierte er die aktuelle GOETZE 2020 Kampagne. GoSee:
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