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Los Angeles
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news | Anton Watts : fotografiert die 'Luxury Should Be Lived In' Kampagne für INFINITI und die Agentur Crispin Porter Bogusk

"For some, luxury is a status symbol. It’s something you keep pristine, untouched, separate from real life. For us, luxury means so much more. It inspires us to embrace who we are, to appreciate the little things, to pursue our wildest dreams. From the vehicles we design, to the roads we travel down, it’s at the heart of what we do. Because luxury should be real. Luxury should be enjoyed. Luxury should be lived in." INFINITI.

Fotografiert wurde die "Luxury Should Be Lived In Campaign" für INFINITI von Anton WATTS für die Agentur Crispin Porter Bogusky mit dem Q50S in der Hauptrolle.

"Four different cars, four different 'days in the life of' stories, each with talent, together with eight supporting videos for social, soon to be released." so Anton Watts begeistert zu GoSee. Für die Produktion der Kampagne führte es Anton und Team nach New York City, Montauk und Los Angeles. GoSee :

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