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URBANE LANDSCHAFTEN als Projektionen 'innerer Landschaften': Jonas Dahlström '07:27:47' zeigt einen meditativ-ästhetischen Mix aus Licht, Schatten und Architektur, erschienen mit 76 Duplex Fotos im Kerber Verlag

Für sein neues Buch 07:27:47 untersuchte der schwedische Fotograf Jonas Dahlström urbane Areale. Mit der Unmittelbarkeit der Straßenfotografie fing er innerhalb von exakt 12 Stunden die Schönheit dieser Szenen in einer einzigen zusammenhängenden Bildsequenz ein. Das Zusammenspiel von Licht, Schatten und Architektur verleiht seinen ästhetischen Fotografien minimalistische Klarheit. Die äußeren Landschaften können zudem als Projektionen „innerer Landschaften“ gelesen werden, die von der Zerbrechlichkeit, Einsamkeit und Isolation des menschlichen Daseins inmitten anonymer Betonbauten erzählen.

'All of the images were made in Sweden during 2016-2020. Together, they form a sequence that takes place during 12 hours. Throughout this project, I have tried to capture the aesthetics that arise in the interaction between light, shadows and archictecture, but the images can also be seen as a reflection on human existence in an anonymous, urban environment, so Jonas Dahsltröm.

Irgendwann während dieser Erkundungen begann Dahlström zu hinterfragen, warum es für ihn so wichtig geworden war, diese Fotos zu machen, und er erkannte, dass die Außenlandschaften, die er einfangen wollte, gleichzeitig auch eine Visualisierung innerer Landschaften waren. 'Durch meine Kamera konnte ich wahrnehmen, wie sich diese inneren Konturen vor dem Hintergrund der Stadt mehr und mehr abzeichneten. Ein emotionaler Zustand, der auf die Straßen und Mauern der Außenwelt projiziert wird.'

Jonas Dahlström 07:27:47
ISBN 978-3-7356-0687-7, 24 × 24 cm, 160 Seiten
76 duplex Abbildungen, Hardcover
Sprachen: Englisch, Schwedisch
Texte von Jonas Dahlström, Petra Gipp
Gestaltung von Rikard Österlund
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featured by David Zwirner : DAVID ZWIRNER is hosting a star-studded sale with works by more than 100 artists to raise money for Joe Biden’s campaign … Over 100 leading contemporary artists are donating works, an online-only sale launching on 2 October …

Over 100 leading contemporary artists are donating works to Artists for Biden, an online-only sale launching on 2 October, with all proceeds going to the official Biden Victory Fund. As reported in Artnet News, the sale features works by a diverse group of artists represented by a wide range of galleries. The sale will be presented on the newly launched Platform, continuing the initiative developed by David Zwirner to host online sales for industry peers and partners. Works from artists including Richard Serra, Kehinde Wiley, and Chloe Wise will be available on

We read on ARTNET : More than 100 artists and estates are donating works for a fundraiser supporting Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Pieces by Jeff Koons, Kehinde Wiley, and Carmen Herrera are among those that will be available in an exclusive online Artists for Biden sale next month, with the proceeds benefitting the Biden Victory Fund, the official Biden presidential fundraising committee.

“The campaign was excited to do an art-world fundraiser,” art dealer David Zwirner, who is spearheading the sale, tells Artnet News. “This is a historic election, nobody will argue with that. Artists are extremely excited by this, hence the very generous outpouring of donations.”

Eleven Zwirner artists are partaking in the sale, including Carol Bove, Marcel Dzama, Alice Neel, and Richard Serra. “Jeff Koons made an incredible print of an American flag,” Zwirner says. “Incredibly generously, he has made the entire edition of 40 available for the sale.”

The main focus, however, isn’t the individual artists taking part, but the joint effort to defeat Donald Trump on 3 November. “Nobody is in the limelight here – it’s really the art world that’s featured, and how generous it can be and how united it can be,” Zwirner says. The hope is to attract a wide swath of Biden supporters, with works priced between $2,500 and $350,000, appealing to both deep-pocketed collectors, and those just starting out.

Biden’s team approached Zwirner to put together the fundraiser because the gallery had extensive experience in online art sales, having launched its first online viewing room in January 2017. During lockdown, the model evolved into Platform, an online space that hosted 49 galleries from five cities that sold works through Zwirner’s website. Now, with the launch of Artists for Biden, Zwirner is unveiling a new website.

“When Platform was routed through the David Zwirner website, that of course worked beautifully with younger colleagues who were excited to get to know our clients,” Zwirner says. “We realized right away if we wanted to stage a successful fundraiser, it would be very difficult to ask other gallerists who were so generously participating to have their clients log onto our website.”

The Biden campaign was in charge of facilitating donations from artists, aided by volunteers who work in the art world. Galleries that pitched in to make the sale a reality include Gladstone, Lehmann Maupin, and Marian Goodman Gallery, among others…

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The sale runs from October 2 through 8, with a preview day on October 1. See the full list of participating artists below.

Marina Adams
Doug Aitken
Richard Aldrich
John Baldessari (donated by Gemini G.E.L.)
Alvin Baltrop
Walead Beshty
McArthur Binion
Dike Blair
Sebastian Blanck
Carol Bove
Cecily Brown
George Condo
Patricia Cronin
Sarah Crowner
N. Dash
Tara Donovan
Carroll Dunham
Marcel Dzama
William Eggleston
rafa esparza
Shepard Fairey
Rochelle Feinstein
Radamés “Juni” Figueroa​
Spencer Finch
Suzan Frecon
Charles Gaines
Jerrell Gibbs
Sam Gilliam
Joanne Greenbaum
Isca Greenfield-Sanders
Thomas Hager
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Tyler Haughey
Michael Heizer
Carmen Herrera
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Jenny Holzer
Ridley Howard
Alex Hubbard
John Huggins
Ayana V. Jackson
Rashid Johnson
Deborah Kass
Ellsworth Kelly
Jon Kessler
Toba Khedoori
Christine Sun Kim
Jeff Koons
Doron Langberg
Liz Larner
Bonnie Lautenberg
An-My Lê
Roy Lichtenstein
Maya Lin
Robert Longo
Emmanuel Lubezki
Brice Marden (one work donated by the artist, the other by Gemini G.E.L.)
Julie Mehretu
Marilyn Minter
Ivan Morley
Rebecca Morris
Vik Muniz
Wangechi Mutu
Jordan Nassar
Alice Neel
Shirin Neshat
Catherine Opie
Angel Otero
Jack Pierson
Lari Pittman
Martin Puryear
Christina Quarles
Robert Rauschenberg (donated by Gemini G.E.L.)
Alexis Rockman
Ugo Rondinone
Victoria Roth
Ed Ruscha
Alison Saar
Betye Saar
Fred Sandback
Fanny Sanín
Kenny Scharf
Richard Serra
Cindy Sherman
Amy Sillman
Gary Simmons
Laurie Simmons
Xaviera Simmons
Vaughn Spann
Tavares Strachan
Sarah Sze
Mika Tajima
Kyle Thurman
Fred Tomaselli
Leo Villareal
Charline von Heyl
Carrie Mae Weems
Lawrence Weiner
James Welling
Stanley Whitney
Kehinde Wiley
Chloe Wise
Christopher Wool
Rob Wynne
Lisa Yuskavage
Andrea Zittel
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GOSEE ART liebt das Buch 'Futuro Retro' von Maria Svarbova, erschienen bei New Heroes & Pioneers aka NHP Publishing, Malmö

Despite studying restoration and archeology, Maria Svarbova found a medium for her artistic expression in photography. Since 2010, she has focused on developing her own photographic language, quickly gaining international recognition. Among awards, solo and group exhibitions, her work has been featured in Vogue, Guardian, Instagram, Forbes and many other publications. FUTURO RETRO is a transcendental and timeless series of images by the artist which evokes a traditional setting with sci-fi elements and follows from the immense success of her first photography book, ‘Swimming Pool’.

NHPublishing on Maria Svarbova : “There is often a sense of cool detachment and liminality in Maria’s work. Routine actions such as exercise, doctor appointments, and domestic tasks are reframed with a visual purity that is soothing and symmetrical, and at times reverberant with an ethereal stillness. Mária has a wonderfully individual style which moves away from the conventional. The socialist era and its architecture, public spaces and color are hugely inspirational, and this has been admired in solo exhibitions and press on a global scale. Mária Švarbová offers a breath of fresh air in the photography world. The photographer has a distinctive style that departs from traditional portraiture and focuses on experimentation with space, color, and atmosphere, which places itself neither in the past nor in the future.”

Das Buch 'Futuro Retro' von Maria Svarbova erschien bei NHP Publishing und kostet 55 EUR, GoSee: 

About -  NH & P Publishing.  Francois Le Bled, Founder : "In early 2013, the New Heroes & Pioneers publishing house – based in Malmö, Sweden – was little more than the kernel of an idea in our minds. Our plan was to develop and publish a range of coffee table books containing a smart, interesting and eclectic mixture of art, culture and fashion. What made this concept unique, was that we were, right from the beginning, dedicated to being a vehicle for discovering and promoting new and unknown artists whose singular styles and perspectives make them stand out. The concepts of ‘making human connections’ and ‘giving back’ were woven into the fabric of the corporate culture and have become a clear and conscious part of every project since the company’s inception." GoSee :
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