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Erbil Balta

He started to build up his career as a photographer as he entered to Mimar Sinan Uni.Faculty of Fine Arts, Photography Department in 1996. Erbil says “ If I were not a photographer, I would become a psychotherapist. What I...

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location // Istanbul



EDISONGA • Jana Gumprecht

EDISONGA aka Jana Gumprecht is a photographer and video artist. She currently lives in Berlin.

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Brix & Maas | Photographer

Aglaja and Florian are young photographers and artists from Hamburg, Germany. Knowing each other from university, they began to work together as a team in 2014. Since then, they produced editorials for several magazines and...

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Patrizia Burra | photographer

Patrizia Burra was born in Italy.
She is a painter and photographer.

China International Photographic Art Exhibition: BronzeMedal Award per la categoria commerciale.
Three honourable...

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Martin Berz

About Martin Berz (*1969) works as a freelance artbuyer/picture editor and locationscout. He previously held the position of photo director of the prestigious weekly Swiss magazine DIE WELTWOCHE and used to work for several...

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Jung von Matt • Karen BLOME | Head of Art Buying

Die gebürtige Bremerin Karen Blome studierte Fotografie am Lette-Verein in Berlin. Als Fotografin entdeckte sie ihr Organisationstalent und ihre Liebe zum Art Buying und kam 2006 ins Art Buying von Jung von Matt. Zwei Jahre...

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Joni Majer

Hello, my name is Joni Majer. I was born in 1985 in Berlin, later I studied Design at the HBK Saar, where I also teach illustration. I live, work and draw happily in Saarbrücken. If you need someone to create some nice:


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anne-marie pappas

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Elena Iv-skaya | photographer

Beauty, elegance and fierce attitude defines Reunion-based fashion photographer Elena Iv-Skaya’s eye-catching work. Originally from Russia, Elena worked as a model before stepping behind the lens to explore her own creative...

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Lieh Sugai

Japanese-born Lieh Sugai is a New York-based portrait and documentary photographer who explores cultural traditions around the world. She studied Graphic Design at Pratt Institute, where photography quickly became her...

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location // New York



Mert Dürümoglu | chef

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location // Berlin Essen



Stefan Ruhmke

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Mischa Erben

Mischa Erben.
Lebe und arbeite in Wien, seit über 30 Jahren als selbständiger Fotograf tätig. Im Jahre 1983 habe ich, gemeinsam mit einer Gruppe von jungen Künstlern, die Fotogalerie Wien (im WUK) gegründet. Bis heute werden...

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