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Hollywood actress Juno Temple photographed by Magnus MAGNUSSON c/o CAMERALINK for CONTRIBUTOR

In Woody Allen’s new film Wonder Wheel, Juno Temple gives one of the year’s most captivating performances, proving why the actress’ star is continually on the rise (Interview by Max Berlinger and photography by Magnus Magnusson c/o CAMEREALINK)

“If you’d told 15-year-old Juno, when I first started working, that I would do a movie — a Woody Allen film — starring Kate fucking Winslet, I wouldn’t have believed it,” the actress exclaims one chilly November afternoon in New York City. She’s calling from her hotel room where she’s getting ready for the premiere of her latest film, Wonder Wheel, directed by Allen. “Kate Winslet is one of the reasons that I wanted to be an actress,” she says, practically breathless with excitement. “I watched her in Heavenly Creatures when I was probably about 14, and I just thought, ‘My god, this is the most amazing film and the most amazing performance.’”

Cut to now, where Temple co-stars alongside Winslet in Allen’s domestic drama set in Coney Island during the 1950s as Carolina, a vulnerable doyenne with a dangerous past....


Our kids models MICK & LILLY seen in the new campaign for the PORSCHE CAYENNE TURBO 2018!

Unsere coolen Kids MICK & LILLY sind in der Kampagne von Porsche für den neuen PORSCHE CAYENNE TURBO 2018 zu sehen!

Client: Porsche
Models: Mick & Lilly BY SModels Management
Advertising agency: Planeroad Studios
Photographer: Lukas Bierholz

Luxurious apartments in exquisite period villa - Interview with designer Sibel Huhn

Meisterstück Berlin-Dahlem: Tradition, stylistic assurance, and quality are the characteristics embodied by the spectacular villas in the ensemble Meisterstück. Built in 1909, and painstakingly renovated since 2017, the exquisite, historic features will be fully restored and the two villas become home to 17 individual high-end apartments.

Interior designer Sibel Huhn is responsible for the personal design statements.

Mrs. Huhn, the apartments in Dahlem are located in a historically protected monument from the turn-of-the-century. To what extent does the exterior appearance influence the interior architecture and design?

Of course you always are in awe of this architecture. Due to the features of the rooms in these turn-of-the-century buildings, an interior designer´s heart simply skips a beat. The vastness, the heights - this is a huge playground for a group of talented interior designers, who are familiar with spacious environments.

How do your ideas and the customers’ expectations inform each other?

My team and I concentrate on the characteristics of each...

PRAEDIUM – A higher level

Exceptional architecture creates an exhilarating sensation of freedom

This exclusive residential ensemble, comprising an eight-story section and a nineteen-story residential tower, features a tiered, recessed façade. The outward appearance of PRAEDIUM is also shaped by its varied exterior design features, including spacious terraces, sun-kissed balconies and loggias, offering unobstructed views to the sky above. Residents can choose whether they would prefer an apartment with a view of Odenwald forest, the Taunus or the Frankfurt’s breathtaking skyline. The themes of recreation and nature are also embraced by the tower’s green roofs.

Find out more here.


DACHSTEIN ...erste Impressionen im Rahmen eines Fotoshootings mit Möbelentwürfen
vom Designer und Architekten HADI TEHERANI aus Hamburg. Location 1 war in einem
alten Steinbruch in Österreich mehr unter www.woodfurniture.at
Ein Möbelprogramm aus Zirbenholz vom Dachstein in Österreich.

Blue Moments in Hong Kong. My talk with Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze

Blue Moment is the small period of time in the dawn of a new day. And it is the title of a series of the Hong Kong based photographer Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze. His series contains of monochromatic pictures of cityscapes and skylines with highrise buildings in Hong Kong. I met Romain in November 2017 in Paris for an interview at the photo art fair "fotofever", where he was represented by his Hong Kong-based Gallery. Read the interview and see images of the series in my Blog unter thomasberlin.net/blog.

Direct link: https://thomasberlin.net/blog/2017/11/21/blue-moments-in-hong-kong-my-talk-with-romain-jacquet-lagrze


LUNDLUND represents Pål Allan - Liquids & Stills

Working primarily in his own studio, using analogue light setting to give his images a sense of authenticity, Pål Allan c/o LUNDLUND is best known for his still life photography and his ability to make different kinds of materials and surfaces come alive. His images are marked by craftsmanship and an invested interest in creating genuine expressions.