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Meet BRANSCH EUROPE at UPDATE18 BERLIN, 19th October 2018

BRANSCH IS AN INTERNATIONAL PHOTO, FILM AND PRODUCTION COMPANY that represents the best visual artists around the globe. With individual and unique modes of artistic expression, there is a BRANSCH artist for every job, large or small, in every industry. In addition to high levels of artistry, each BRANSCH artist also possesses the utmost in technical skill. Clients can rest easy knowing that their shoot is in the hands of a seasoned, expressive artist who can collaborate with their ideas to bring dynamic, fantastic ideas to life, in any media desired. www.bransch.net

Meet us at UPDATE18 BERLIN!


Chamonix, one of those rare locations where the season is always winter…at least on film. With snow capped Alps, tall trees, brilliant light and chalets aplenty, even during the summer months the right locations can look crisp and cosy. The Mont Blanc is truly a year-round winter destination for photo & video productions, ideal for both Sports and Fashion clients.
7 Mountains is the vertically-astute arm of the 7 Seas team. Mountain devotee, ski instructor and local resident, Camille Jourdan leads the crew who are all passionate adventurists and professional producers. They secure a tight grip on locations, equipment and safety making anything possible on the Alps.
Who has been to the top with 7 Mountains? A few big name retailers including NET-A-PORTER, Primark, Monsoon and CONLEYS.

' Appleby Horse Fair' by Benedikt Frank c/o SHOTVIEW

Born and raised in Munich, Benedikt Frank previously worked as a window decorator and painter on construction sites. After shortly moving to London, he began assisting some of the most influential photographers travelling around Europe, America and Asia. During a trip around the suburbs of some of the biggest metropolis in 2012, he had an epiphany moment which sparked his love for analog photography. Benedikt is fuelled by the beauty of nature, people and life. Specialising in narrative photography, he seeks to capture authentic and raw moments. He has an eagerness to experiment with analog, working with a range of film cameras from 4x5, 6x7, 6x

Benedikt Frank in the following series, abandons his blue chip clientele and trades it for the Appleby Horse Fair, located in Appleby-in-Westmorland in Cumbria, England. It is one of the biggest gypsy and traveller gatherings in Europe. The fair is mainly about trading and selling horses, but also a way to show off wealth or income.The Traveller community is very special, characterized by traditional values of macho masculinity and...

einsatzbereit. Magazin für das Bayerische Rote Kreuz

Das Bayerische Rote Kreuz formuliert seine Forderungen an die politischen Handlungsträger im Magazin „einsatzbereit.“. Die aktuelle Ausgabe des Magazins befasst sich vorrangig mit dem Personalnotstand im Gesundheitswesen. Das BRK möchte die notwendige Einstellung von ausländischem Fachpersonal in der Pflege herausstellen. Das Cover von Ausgabe 5/2018 betont das gelebte und erforderliche Miteinander von deutschen und ausländischen Pflegekräften. Die Publishing Group GmbH berät erneut das Bayerische Rote Kreuz, um dessen Forderungen gestalterisch zu unterstreichen.

Besucht uns am GoSeeSHOP-Stand auf der UPDATE!8BERLIN - introducing beautiful artwork by photographer CHRISTINA SANDROCK

Christina Sandrock is a Berlin based fashion- and underwater photographer. She studied photography at Lette-Verein Berlin abd works as a freelance photographer since 2008. Meet her at our GoSee SHOP booth at UPDATE !8BERLIN. If you cannot wait - buy her artwork in her brandnew GoSeeSHOP ..christina-sandrock//shop