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Zusammen mit Jenny Gold @ Nina Klein und Mel Goldmann ebenfalls von Nina Klein, realisierte ich diese freie Arbeit in den coolsten Bars von Köln. Danke ans Hallmackenreuthers und die Scheinbar für Euren Support. Danke an Lea Banasch fürs großartig sein!

Scanderbeg Sauer : CLARIANT

In this second annual report published in the form of an Integrated Report, Clariant provides an in-depth view of its holistic approach to creating added value for customers, employees, shareholders, and the environment. We captured various photo spreads and video sequences in Pratteln, Frankfurt am Main and Munich. The executive agency was MUTABOR Hamburg.

Scanderbeg Sauer : VALIANT

2017 was an anniversary year: Valiant celebrated its 20th anniversary. But Valiant was not alone: institutions, companies and people from the region also celebrated smaller and larger anniversaries last year. In their 2017 financial year magazine, they share inspiring success stories. Commissioned by Crafft Kommunikation Zurich, we shot images in the manufactory of Keramik Laufen, which celebrated their 125th anniversary in 2017.

Turner Contemporary presents Animals & Us, a major exhibition exploring artists’ reflections on the relationship between humans and other animals

The exhibition focuses on contemporary and 20th century art with select historical artworks, new works and commissions. It comes at a time when around 38% of all known species are on the verge of extinction. With the death of Sudan, the last male northern white rhinoceros, Animals & Us is a re-examination by over 40 artists of how humans coexist and connect with other living species.

Since our prehistoric ancestors painted the creatures that shared their world on cave walls, humans have explored their relationship with animals through art. As John Berger notes, our first paintings and symbols were animals, paradoxically ‘what distinguished man from animals was born out of our relationship with them.’ Historical objects such as Egyptian artefacts and a Medieval Christian bestiary probe the ways we have used animals to symbolise ourselves and make sense of the world, alongside contemporary works by Laura Ford and Raqib Shaw playing with anthropomorphism, myth, fable and human-animal hybrids. Our lives and interactions with animals, our closeness and distance from them are...

Katja & James: The Journey of a Rio Tinto Diamond

A commitment to responsible sourcing is at the heart of RIO TINTO’s Chain of Custody process. As guardians of the integrity of their prized mines, Rio Tinto’s principled approach to sourcing, processing, and handling ensures that the origin of their diamonds is completely traceable from mine to consumer. We wrote and directed this film which tells the story of the diamond in reverse - from the finished piece, back to its origin deep within the Earth.

About Rio Tinto Diamonds. Rio Tinto operates a fully integrated global diamond exploration, mining and sales and marketing business, with a strong and trusted profile in both established and developing markets. Rio Tinto’s diamonds business comprises some 2,000 people around the world. As one of the world’s largest producers of rough diamonds, we are committed to providing a reliable supply of white and coloured diamonds that are mined to the highest possible health, safety and environmental standards. Our business model is based on strategic partnerships and we work with all aspects of the supply chain, from mine to market, to...


Für vier Tage hoch hinaus in die Berge, zu Landschaftsaufnahmen für einen langjährigen Kunden.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WILLIAM KLEIN! Die Retrospektive zum 90 Geburtstag in der Pariser Polka Galerie

Polka presents “William + Klein”, a retrospective organized in celebration of William Klein’s 90th birthday on April 19th 2018. The scenography is made up of a monumental photographic mosaic of 90 prints, retracing Klein’s oeuvre through the most decisive chapters of his practice. From his light abstractions (1948-1952) to his fashion photography (1958-2002), Klein created films, wandered the streets of New York (1954-55), Rome (1956), Moscow (1959) and Tokyo (1961), passing of course through Paris, his adopted home. The exhibition’s selection pays homage to the most French-hearted of American photographers, following the journey of his great career, spanning 70 years of photography.

12, rue Saint-Gilles, 75003 Paris, France
www. polkagalerie.com