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'63 E 9TH STREET | NYC POLAROIDS 1975 - 1983' - TOM BIANCHI veröffentlicht Polaroid Buch bei DAMIANI und zeigt seine Ausstellung bei New Discretions bis zum 5. Juli in New York

New Discretions präsentiert Tom Bianchi’s “63 E 9th Street.” 'This is our first collaboration with the artist, corresponding with his latest monograph of the same title. The exhibition will take place at Johannes Vogt’s Next Door Guest at 958 Madison Ave.' New Discretions is a curatorial project by Benjamin Tischer of INVISIBLE-EXPORTS.

In 1975 Tom Bianchi moved from the American heartland to New York City, seeking a place in the cultural and sexual revolution that was unfolding among its blossoming young gay population. On summer weekends, Bianchi took his Polaroid SX – 70 camera to the Pines; those pictures became the 2013 book Fire Island Pines: Polaroids 1975–1983. Years later, we now get a first look at another extraordinary collection of Bianchi’s Polaroids, taken in his East 9th St apartment. Bianchi’s New York apartment was an intimate, track-lit den, a safe stage where he and his friends played out erotic night games. At once confronting limited notions of the self and reveling in the spirituality of physical bodies, Bianchi faithfully documented these sexual...

Re:Design SS’19 WOMEN by RESERVED photographed by Wunsche&Samsel c/o SAMESAME AGENCY

Magda Wunsche and Aga Samsel are a creative duo. Derived from the world of fine art, dance, film and fashion magazines, together they combine their expressive visual language and out-of-the-box abstract thinking in portraits, fashion editorials, art pieces, films and advertising campaigns for various designers and well known brands.

STEFFEN SEEGER c/o 2AGENTEN, BERLIN, Live freehand performance at Wever & Ducré booth on Euroluce, the international Lighting Exhibition at Salone del Mobile in Milan

“The Way of Light” was the motto Steffen Seeger c/o 2AGENTEN used for his mural, which was used as the key visual, for this years catalog cover from Belgian lighting manufacturer Wever & Ducré. The title “From Belgium with Love” typography was created by the artist as well. Steffen Seeger collaborated with Montana Cans to develop specific tools to realise his unique style.

In his early years, Steffen became well-known as an artist in the underground graffiti scene of Berlin and developed painting and illustration skills through testing materials and backgrounds. His passion for art led him to invent his own style. Different collaborations with renowned agencies and supreme clients brought attention to his work.

GoSee loves ... 'Pesticide Portraits' - Freundliche Grüsse kreiert Awareness-Kampagne für Public Eye

Hinschauen statt wegschauen! Public Eye wird dort aktiv, wo Wirtschaft und Politik Menschenrechte in Gefahr bringen. Mit mutigen Recherchen, scharfen Analysen und starken Kampagnen. In einer kürzlich veröffentlichten Recherche wirft Public Eye erstmals Licht auf ein ebenso unbekanntes wie lukratives Geschäft: Der Schweizer Chemiekonzern Syngenta überflutet Brasilien mit hochgefährlichen Pestiziden, die ins Trinkwasser gelangen. Ein brasilianischer Künstler hat die Betroffenen portraitiert. Entstanden sind die «Pesticide Portraits»: Aquarelle, gemalt mit pestizidverseuchtem Wasser.

Freundliche Grüsse wurde von Public Eye mit der Entwicklung einer Awareness-Kampagne beauftragt, welche die breite Öffentlichkeit auf diesen Missstand aufmerksam macht und Syngenta mittels einer Petition dazu auffordert, den Verkauf der giftigsten Pestizide einzustellen.

Gemeinsam mit dem brasilianischen Aquarellmaler Renato Palmuti wurden die «Pesticide Portraits» geschaffen: Portraits von vier Betroffenen, gemalt mit pestizidverseuchtem Wasser. Sie stehen stellvertretend für die vielen Aktivistinnen...

'Colour Me Happy' by Marcus Smith c/o MAKING PICTURES

Marcus’ personal series ‘Colour Me Happy’, featured in The Photographic Journal.

In his own words: ‘I do a ton of commercial work for brands that involve celebrities or professional athletes, and as much as I love it, sometimes simple ideas can quickly become complicated. For that reason, I find it incredibly important to do a shoot or take on a project where there’s little to no input coming from elsewhere. That’s simply what this shoot was, a simple expression of creative freedom and happiness.

I’m very much drawn to the drama of movement and energy, so I was very specific about casting a model that felt comfortable moving and making odd/different shapes with her body. I’m also very much aware of the story I’m telling through the use color whether it be the wardrobe or background colors and how they work together to convey a particular feeling. I was in a really positive and happy mood during this shoot because I had the opportunity to create in such a free and unfiltered way. I hope that emotion comes through when you view the images. ‘ Find the full story


MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group: Image Pool

Client: MedieaMarktSaturn Retail Group
Agency: Hi-Res Berlin
Art Direction: Youngkyu Ko
Production: Christine Navratil & Marco Voegele
Assistent: Mareike Sonnenschein
Models & Visage: Everydaypeople & ZARTMODELS
Hair/MakeUp & Styling: Sabrina Aigner & Anna-Marina Fuhr
PostProduction: Silke Sauritz

Portrait photography for Céline Rudolph

Portrait photography of jazz singer, songwriter and composer Céline Rudolph.
Her new Album „PEARLS“ will be released on the 21st of June and is available on all platforms as a digital download but as CD and Vinyl as well.
The Pictures for the Cover, Single releases and the PR Pictures are photographed by Jordana Schramm in the beautiful Showroom of Bocci Berlin.
Hair and MakeUp: Catrin Kreyss / @catrinandjacob
Location: Bocci Showroom Berlin.

German Brand Award in der Kategorie 'Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Behaviour' für 'the very british project' von NICO GEES

Ursprünglich gedacht als Leuchturm Projekt für die VOGELSÄNGER STUDIOS, entwickelte Nico Gees 2018 das 'very british project'. Die Idee war es ein oder mehrere Modeshootings in einem englischen Landlord-Style zu realisieren, vollgeräumt mit britischen Ikonen und Details, die jedes Bild zu einem Sucbhbild machen sollten. Nach langer Planung und exzessivem Setbau war es am Ende mehr als nur ein Raum. Die VOGELSÄNGER STUDIOS bauten ein ganzes Haus. Und da dieses Projekt so groß war, entwickelten sich jede Menge zusätzlicher kleiner Projekte rund um die ursprüngliche Idee. Es wurden Filme gedreht, Events veranstaltet und mehr als nur ein Shooting realisiert. Weil der Projektumfang so groß war, erhielt das Ganze auch eine eigene Webseite.

Weitere Aufnahmen aus der Modestrecke gibt es via NICO GEES. Das gesamte Projekt fand nun seinen Höhepunkt, als Nico Gees und die VOGELSÄNGER STUDIOS am 06.06.2019 mit dem German Brand Award in der Kategorie „Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Behaviour“ ausgezeichnet wurde. Nachstehend Auszüge aus den Mode- & Peoplestrecken von...