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Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up .... der neue Madonna-Song 'God Control' mit VFX Support by Chimney Group Stockholm

"Everybody knows the damn truth
Our nation lied, we lost respect
When we wake up, what can we do?
Get the kids ready, take them to school
Everybody knows they don’t have a chance
To get a decent job, to have a normal life..."

Das CHIMNEY Stockholm Office war verantwortlich für das komplette Sound Design und das VFX für Madonna's neues Musikvideo "God Control". Das Video hat nicht unerwartet bereits über 3,8 Millionen Clicks im Netz gesammelt und sorgt mit seiner expliziten Bildsprache für allerhand Gesprächsstoff. Regie führte Jonas Åkerlund, der bereits das Video zu 'American Life' in 2003 für die Göttin des Pop umsetzten durfte.

'God Control' erschien soeben auf Madonna’s 14tem Studio-Album MADAME X. Der Song, ebenso wie 'I Rise', thematisiert die katastrophale Waffen-Kontrolle in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika. Auf dem Track zu hören ist neben Gewehrsalven, einer Schreibmaschine und Madonna auch der Tiffin Children’s Choir, bestehend aus über 80 Kindern aus Kingston.

Obwohl die Eröffnungssequenz New York als Handlungsort etabliert wurden die Clubszenen in Los Angeles umgesetzt, und zwar im historischen Globe Theatre. In einem Interview mit dem People Magazin äussert sich Madonna folgendermassen über ihren Song: "Seeing the reality, and the brutality of things makes you wake up. This is really happening. This is what it looks like. ‘Does it make you feel bad? Good, ’cause then maybe you will do something about it."

About - Madame X is a secret agent. Traveling around the world. Changing identities. Fighting for freedom. Bringing light to dark places. She is a cha cha instructor, A professor, A head of state, A housekeeper, An equestrian, A prisoner, A student, A teacher, A nun, A cabaret singer, A saint, A prostitute .... GoSee :
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GIVENCHY GENTLEMAN - fünf explosive Sekunden Film von RAJDARN ELDORADO c/o CHIMNEY GROUP für Euch auf GoSee

"Dive into an explosive freshness. An overdose of citrus introduces a reckless energy, while rosemary boosts the liveliness of the opening notes. Powdery notes of iris feel lighter and more daring. Gentleman Givenchy Cologne also asserts its personality through a raw and timeless vetiver as well as a touch of ambroxan and musk." so GIVENCHY über seinen Duft. 

Das mit der explosiven Freshness nahm RAJDARN ELDORADO c/o CHIMNEY GROUP ziemlich wörtlich. Seine fünf Sekunden Film für Euch auf GoSee.
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'People first' fordern E.V.A und VOLVO CARS - der Onlinespot zur tollen Initiative von RAJDARN ELDORADO und PETER TÖRNESTAM, beide Artists c/o CHIMNEY GROUP, für Euch auf GoSee

"Cars should protect everyone. Some people are less safe on the road than others. That’s why it’s time to share more than 40 years of safety research – to make cars safer for everyone. Not just the average male. When a woman steps into a car to drive, she assumes she’s safe. Yet in 2019, most automakers still produce cars based exclusively on data from male crash test dummies. For this reason, women run a higher risk of getting injured in traffic than men.

But not in a Volvo. Our Accident Research Team has compiled real-world data since the 1970s to better understand what happens during a collision. What Volvo sees is that women and men appear equally in this data. Which is why we believe they should be equally represented in testing. With the E.V.A. Initiative, we are sharing the results of more than 40 years of research. By letting everyone download this, we hope to make every car safer. Because at Volvo, we will always put people first." so lesen wir auf der Seite von VOLVO.

CHIMNEY über RAJDARN ELDORADO: " With 6 years of film studies and 5 years in the vfx industry Rajdarn has a great feeling for visual storytelling mixed with technical know-how. This makes him an excellent problem solver and sounding board, keen to sink his teeth into every challenge presented to him. With an eye for detail and a great passion for his craft he’s dedicated to each project that crosses his desk. Through his career Rajdarn has worked with numerous directors and brands on critically acclaimed and award winning projects including an Emmy nomination."

Über PETER TÖRNESTAM erfahren wir von Chimney : "Peter Törnestam was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1963. He started in the film industry 1986 as a video assistant and went from copying, checking and delivering VHS feature films to Telecine grading (film to video) via Telefilm. He then went on to become a non linear editor/compositor at MEKANIKEN post-production for 7 years, working in Quantel Editbox and later Quantel Henry, ended up in Autodesk FLAME and more advanced compositing with bigger projects and international projects. April 2003 he started as senior VFX artist at CHIMNEY. Working with bigger projects, clients and gaining notoriety and awards. In 2016, he moved to Santa Monica, California to help start up the Chimney LA office. He is now back in Stockholm and is looking forward to new challenges."

Regie beim tollen Spot führte Laerke Herthoni, Agentur war Forsman & Bodenfors und Postproduktion by CHIMNEY.
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