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About Cityabyss Illustration

Cityabyss Illustration is a freelance name of Beata Szczecinska Artist / Illustrator & Designer. Lives and works in Poland. Graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Techniques at The Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Her creative artworks have achieved reputation in many publications, featurings and worldwide exposure, most notably at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (Brazil) and Palaise de Tokyo (Paris).
Awarded with Grant / Ello Creative Exellence Award 2017. 
She has been exhibiting in Gallery Of Contemporary Art BWA (Wroclaw), Soho Factory (Warsaw), Grand Prix Of Young Polish Print (Krakow), Underdog Gallery (Londyn), Szyb Wilson Contemporary Art Gallery (Katowice), among others.
Among her individual clients are: Puro Hotel (Poland), Kinsterna Hotel (Greece), Agency Double Decker (London), Agency WBL (Sweden), Good Looking Studio (Poland)
and some world famous magazines, such as: Elle Decoration (UK), Computer Arts Magazine (UK), Varoom Magazine (UK) and many more.
Also, her works got exposure in many well know publications, among others: Illusive 2 (Die Gestalten Verlag Germany), Web Design Index 7 (Pepin Press, Holland) or The Sourcebook of Contemporary Illustration, (Maomao, Spain) and many more.