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Category  Fashion
Location  London, Berlin
about // Currently london-based, but originally from romania, photographer Tom Blesch captures the colorful craziness. As one of the youngest graduates of lette verein berlin, his Work has displayed a...
clients // Gentle Monster, Scotria, Ximonlee, Vogue Germany, ID, Indie, Interview Magazine, Funny Tastes Magazine, Vogue Italia, Crack Magazine, Garage Magazine, Apart Magazine


Category  People · Fashion · Reportage
Location  London
about // Felix Gärtner is a photographer and new media artist from germany. He is based in London and works mostly between the UK and Germany. Since 2017 his artistic work is represented by Galery...
clients // vitra, Amsterdam Berlin, Studio Orel, Porsche AG, Porsche Design, VfB Stuttgart, Academy Holding, SFP Architects, Allianz, Focus Magazine, Nido Magazine, Sticks & Stones Agency, Aint-Bad, Life...

Victoria REUTER

Category  Hair · Make-up
Location  Berlin, London
about // Hair & Make Up Artist Victoria Reuter and the love for natural beauty. Hair & Make Up Artist Victoria Reuter likes to stay under the radar. Even with her enormous portfolio selection of...
clients // Calvin Klein, Liebeskind Berlin, Verena Schepperheyn, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Topshop, Nike, Universal, Adidas, Zalando, Spotify, L‘officiel, Elle, Nuda Paper,Dansk, Le Mile,...


Category  Styling
Location  Berlin
about // Edgy, nostalgic and emotional. Rudolfs A. Packevics creates a fluid transition between exactly those aesthetics. His experimental yet wearable styling makes him an outstanding stylist in our...
clients // Keta Gutmnane, Bro Model Management, Deeply Personal, Paviljons Studio, Punkt Magazine, Nicotine Magazine, King Kong Magazine, Sezon Magazine, Sleek Magazine, Contributer Magazine

Susanna JONAS

Category  Make-up · Hair
Location  Berlin
about // Hair & Make Up Artist Susanna Jonas. Where creative talent meets technical know-how. Berlin-based Hair & Make Up Artist Susanna Jonas was born in Würzburg, where she started her career in...
clients // Gentle Monster, Aeyde, Zalando, Beaufille, Sonandpark Korea, Yuji, Numero Homme, Metal Magazine, Indie Magazine, L‘officiel Germany, Faz Magazine, Highsnobiety, Gruppe Magazine, Vogue Ukraine

Joseph KADOW

Category  Fashion · Stills
Location  Berlin
about // Where do nature, human and technology meet and where do they seem to connect? That is the question Joseph Kadow wants to answer with his photography. Showing his very personal view of the world...
clients // Bmw, Urbanears, Mini, Mcm, Audi, Zalando, Skoda, Souvenir Official, Hamburger Bahnhof, Cap74024, Autre Magazine, Standard Clothing, Paper Journal, F.a.z., Gruppe Magazine, Intersection...