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news | Stylistin Jessica Klimach & Makeup Artist Janina Zais werden ab sofort von collectiveinterest vertreten

Stylistin Jessica Klimach und Makup Artist Janina Zais werden ab sofort von collectiveinterest.vertreten.

Born and raised in Berlin, Jessica Klimach‘s creative inspiration was always nurtured by this ever developing city. Whilst studying fashion design, Jessica already started working as a stylist in the fields of fashion, advertising and commercials - and is doing so ever since. Her style could be best described as well thought trough, clean but rough and definetely super modern.

Janina Zais was born in Germany, growing up in a family of artists. Janina quickly developed her own sense and passion for working with colours ever since she was a child. Furthermore always having a special attraction to dancing, and thus beeing on stage, she spent 12 years of her childhood beeing a ballet dancer. This influence is the key to her amazing and special make up styles and artistic face paintings.

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