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About Cosmopola GmbH

Let me introduce myself: I started as a freelance photographer myself, gained experience as a picture editor and managed a magazine before working as an artist representative for 7 years at Anja Wiroth Agency. Then the time came to explore new challenges, and so I decided to build up a group of talented photographers and illustrators at Cosmopola. I am endlessly amazed and inspired by the creative beauty I witness every day and am deeply dedicated to enabling artists to share their vision. Cosmopola´s goal is to build up a team of talented photographers and illustrators and help push them into the market. Cosmopola works from a cosmopolitan forward-thinking mindset, which anticipates the increasingly tightly woven connections between East and West, art and commerce, fashion and business. Cosmopola offers comprehensive support to artists, whether they are just breaking into commercial work, or are veterans of the industry by handling all the logistics, allowing the artist to focus exclusively on the creative process. Cosmopola wishes to see their artists flourish in the commerical art world and helps them continue making the world a more beautiful place with their images.