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Farbenfrohe Cocktails für Easyjet Traveller Magazine und Animationen für ONKEN YOGURT von ILKA & FRANZ c/o COSMOPOLA auf GoSee

ILKA & FRANZ c/o COSMOPOLA setzten in ihrer frischen Bildsprache farbenfrohe Cocktails für das EASYJET TRAVELLER MAGAZIN um  (Food Stylist: @hollycowgill) und realisierten Moving Images für ONKEN YOGURT (Props: @katiefotis, Grade: Rick ~ Rick & Joe, Model: Ace ~ @birdsandanimalsuk, Handler: Yuka Fukushima).

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JOIN THE MASTERCLASS SERIES - Tutorial Session über Digitalmanipulation mit Fotograf und Digitalkünstler Manuel ARCHAIN c/o COSMOPOLA

Manuel ARCHAIN c/o COSMOPOLA begeistert weltweit mit seinen Foto Manipulationen. Hier bei GoSee gibt er in drei Turtorials einen Einblick in seine Arbeit.

Small World : Walking through thoughts, cars, books, streetlights, bikes, people, breakfast, dinner, travel landscapes, inner landscapes… So fast, so anxious we could be in the middle of a scene before we even get there. We could even go through it and be back without even noticing it. The usual, everyday dream, our out of scale perception and how each one of us is so into our personal world that we cannot see what is happening around us. The size and weight of things is so distorted, we can even manage to move into a small world. Why the size of a truck could not be the same as my personal scale of a tea cup? What is after the end of the table? Step by step, walking, dreaming or maybe awake, not being sure when and where it was. But sure, believe it or not, I saw it. I saw it with my own eyes.

Since he started to work in photography and cinema he has been trying to find new ways to express his work. In the last couple of years he found in CG and creative retouching a combine medium to bring his world into reality. A perfect way to combine illustration, photography, film and art direction. Every project and concept start as a sketch, an idea in paper, that is the most important step in his process. Then it is just a matter of choosing the right tool to make it happen. It is a combination between tradicional and new technology. It is like having a tool box, you just need to choose the right tool for each project. There is no limit anymore between an idea and reality.
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KRAGNART SS 19 Film & Kampagne für BRANDBUILDING STUDIOS mit starken Visuals von Alexandra Kinga Fekete c/o COSMOPOLA (Foto & Regie)

Strong visuals just how we love it! Photography and Film Direction by ALEXANDRA KINGA FEKETE c/o COSMOPOLA. Die Herbst und Sommer Looks des Berliner Labels KRAGNART realisierte Alexandra mit Creative Director Wolodja Salzmann von BRANDBUILDING STUDIOS (Concept: @wolodjas, Art Direction: @leralive2, DOP: @paul.rohlfs, Styling: @petercardona, Hair & Make-up: @carstenrichert, Production: @sylvia_ahrens Models: @pichlermichael @brenoortega @nadinestockenhofen @korlanmadi).

Seit der Renaissance hat der Kragen einen festen Platz in der Mode. Er trat mit Stolz der freizügigen Mode entgegen und sorgte dafür, dass sein Träger Haltung und Format ausstrahlte. KRAGNART reduziert den Kragen auf das Wesentlich und läßt den überschüssigen Stoff einfach weg. Mehr gibt es via KRAGNART.
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