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IN CGI WE TRUST. PATRICK CURTET, Fotograf & Regisseur, Paris & LA, präsentiert CGI Projekte in Kooperation mit Curve Digital auf GoSee - enjoy the ride!

"Just like everyone else, I was frightened when CGI first appeared in our industry nearly 20 years ago. We all thought it would be the end for us as photographers. Two decades later, we live in a changed world and are creating many more photos than in the past. Several of our fellow photographers are no longer in the business, but new streams of media and techniques have emerged at the same time as new ways of telling stories. 

CGI is everywhere, and instead of fighting it, I’ve decided to embrace it as a tool. CGI is not the solution; CGI is part of the solution – another way of doing things. The vision is still what makes the difference. After all, you wouldn’t ask a writer to tell you the brand of pencil used.

Nowadays, some images are created fully in CGI and others partially. As creatives, we have to make it part of our thought process so that we can use the best solution possible for our projects. For several years now, we’ve collaborated with Curve Digital to create stunning images. With their studios in England and the US, we’ve worked on various projects – all with stunning results.

In these particular times, we really think we need to talk about how we can create new visuals. Our collective experience is crucial when we have to create from scratch; that is when experience is needed. Here are a few samples of what we’ve created. Please reach out to us if you want to learn more about our process. As I mentioned above, we’ve partnered with Curve Digital on many projects, but here is a selection of work with other big players in the industry. Enjoy the ride."

Weitere Arbeiten von Fotograf und Regisseur PATRICK CURTET findest Du entweder auf Instagram unter @mpcurtet bzw. unter
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ONE SHOOT FITS ALL! PATRICK CURTET filmt und fotografiert die Kommunikation des neuen GENESIS G70 für INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE in Los Angeles

PATRICK CURTET inszenierte den neuen GENESIS G70, die Premiummittelklasse aus dem Hause Hyundai, im Auftrag von INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE in Los Angeles. Die Art Direction übernahm David Mesfin, das Art Buying übernahm Rachel Crain, Senior Freelance Art Producer.

'Over the course of just a few days, the MP CURTET team worked hard to create the complete communication for the new Genesis G70. This is only the beginning, and MP Curtet is leading the peloton in these times of big changes,' so der Fotograf und Director.

'Our industry keeps reinventing itself. Week after week, day after day, the borders between advertising, brochures, social media, press... continue to fall. Communication nowadays is one big channel. Print is not dead; print is reinventing itself, changing its DNA but keeping its soul. Today, more than ever, communication is digital. Nobody can stop it, even if they wanted to. This now poses multiple new demands for creatives. We see here what agencies require to meet these demands.

Talent in multiple areas is the alpha and omega. Photos, videos, animations... that’s what you need to deliver nowadays in the little time you have during a shoot. Photographers need to become directors and orchestra conductors all in one in order to achieve all of the results clients want to get out of these sessions.'
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No One is Safe! - Transportation- und Lifestyle-Spezialist PATRICK CURTET präsentiert Euch seinen sehenswerten Kurzfilm 'MIDNIGHT HOUR' auf GoSee

"Push the boundary, challenge yourself.... when you're a creative that's you're every day duty." so der Transportation-Spezialist Patrick Curtet aka MP CURTET. Und den Beweis, das er gewillt ist seinen Worten  schöne Taten folgen zu lassen, tritt er mit seinem absolut sehenswerten Kurzfilm gleich hier auf GoSee an.

Patrick Curtet ist längst einer der besten Transportation- und Lifestyle-Fotografen der Branche - das dies auch für Bewegtbild gilt manifestiert er mit seinem Film einmal mehr. Gedreht wurde er auf der 'dark side of Los Angeles' wie er es nennt. Vor seiner Kamera im Kurzfilm 'Midnight Hour' agierte überzeugend düster Rick Star, seines Zeichens Londoner Sänger mit Wohnsitz Los Angeles.

Folge Patrick gerne auf Instagram unter: @MPCURTET bzw. klassisch oder gleich hier auf GoSee -

Director: MP CURTET
Production: MJ 68
Creative Director: LA CREATIVE TEAM
Post Production: LA CREATIVE TEAM

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