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Two Days in the Desert - Regisseur und Fotograf PATRICK CURTET präsentiert Euch zwei Transportation-Kurzfilme und ein gefilmtes Behind-the-scenes auf GoSee

Stop talking and act... Push the limit, follow your dreams. All of us have spent long evenings discussing dream projects, but sometimes you have to kick yourself in the butt and get into action mode. That’s precisely what PATRICK CURTET did recently in California.

He got a lot of talented friends boiling to jump on fun and exciting projects. What is the essence of fun? What raw ingredients do you you need to get the excitement bubbling...? A bike, a car and an endless landscape – with people nowhere to be seen. ‘The Chase’ and ‘Release’: the two short films presented here are personal projects directed by Patrick Curtet.

‘Release’ features Niki Smart, chief designer at GM for 20 years and a British car designer, known for leading the Ariel Atom project and for his Cadillac concept car design as design manager for the General Motors Advanced Design team in Los Angeles, California. He has also developed his own bike over the last decade: Niki Smart recently unveiled an award-winning motorcycle design, the ABC 500. On its debut at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in 2019, it took first place in the Modified Class and was also honored with the Design and Style Award, presented by Arch Motorcycles. GoSee:

‘The Chase’ features Ryan Orr, a stunt driver who comes to life in this arid landscape and leaves it at the speed of light.

mpcurtet is represented by heldanda in the US, severin.wendeler in Europe and creamparistv in France.
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Parisian eyewear designed by Nathalie Blanc - PATRICK CURTET fotografiert und filmt die aktuelle Sunglasses Cintre Kampagne mit der bezaubernden Ashley Alexander in LA

That PATRICK CURTET not only masters the art of staging vehicles in modern imagery is demonstrated in his latest campaign for CINTRE SUNGLASSES by Paris-based designer Nathalie Blanc. Patrick delivered photos and film once again from a single source.

“Nathalie Blanc is a true ambassador for French manufacturing expertise and technological excellence, and she exudes her talent in the refined and delicate frames she designs – for the perfect harmony between the eye, style and material. La Creative Team in collaboration with MP Curtet developed a very refined and chic atmosphere to create the winter campaign (photos and films) with beautiful and versatile talent, Ashley Alexander, from modeling agency The Industry in Los Angeles.”
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First look at the all electric pony 'MUSTANG MACH-E' - das neue vollelektrische SUV von FORD, inszeniert von Fotograf und Director PATRICK CURTET

Der neue Ford Mustang Mach-E vereint die Leidenschaft einer Ikone mit einer ganz neuen Form von Freiheit. Es wird Zeit, sich neu ins Autofahren zu verlieben. PATRICK CURTET setzte den Wagen actionreich in Szene: “FORD has made a big move in the electric world with the Mustang brand. The new Mach E has taken the heritage of the iconic brand and brought it into the future. Over the course of two weeks, we created the new imagery of this new beast in California.”
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