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news | featured by GoSee ART : GoSee loves... 'The Bird in Borrowed Feathers' Hellen van Meene verzaubert London mit ihrern einfühlsamen Portraits in der James Freeman Gallery

“To make a great portrait, you simply must concentrate on what’s in front of you. Find the perfect light. Focus on the models. Say the right things and make your models relax. That is a formula that has never changed…” so die niederländische Fotografin in einem Interview über ihre Portraitaufnahmen. Eine Auswahl ihrer wundervollen Frauen Portraits sind aktuell in der James Freeman Gallery in London zu sehen.

'We are pleased to present ‘The Bird in Borrowed Feathers’, a solo exhibition for the Dutch photographer Hellen van Meene. This will be Hellen’s first solo exhibition in London since 2008, and will place new works in context with a number of pieces from the past decade.

Hellen van Meene is renowned worldwide for her distinctive photographic approach. Working in analogue and principally in small format, she focuses on the experiences of young people at the stage between adolescence and adulthood. It is a fragile space, full of uncertainty, and riven with the anxieties of...

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