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Category  People · Lifestyle · Advertising
Location  Hamburg
about // Sven Heinrich Sven Heinrich grew up in the North of Germany close to the Baltic Sea where he discovered his interest in photography at a young age. After he moved to Hamburg in 2001, he started assisting and...


Category  People · Lifestyle · Beauty
Location  Hamburg
about // Maik Floeder Based in Hamburg, Maik Floeder is an advertising photographer and director specialized in lifestyle and beauty. His photography is about honesty and centered on specific, perfect moments, people,...

Alexander BABIC

Category  Transportation · Portrait · Advertising
Location  Hamburg


Category  Fashion · Beauty · Advertising
Location  Hamburg
about // Verena Knemeyer Verena Knemeyer is a Hamburg based fashion photographer who loves to travel between Europe, USA and South Africa chasing urban backgrounds, atmospheric surroundings and perfect light for her focus...

Marie-Therese CRAMER

Category  Stills · Food · Advertising
Location  Hamburg
about // Marie-Therese Cramer Marie-Therese Cramer is a food and still life photographer based in Hamburg. Her conceptional strong works are marked by graphic - often humorous - compositions and bold colors. After her studies...

Sebastian SCHMIDT

Category  People · Sports · Advertising
Location  Hamburg
about // Sebastian Schmidt Born in Hamburg in 1969, Sebastian Schmidt went wild in the 80s with his own music band. In 1991 he began his career as a music photographer. After 10 years of Rock ’n’ Roll and working as...