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James Marcus HANEY

Category  Lifestyle · Reportage
Location  New York
about // Photographer/Director Marcus Haney is an LA native but with a home on the road. His passion for travel, people and music informs his commercial work, producing images that are as playful and...
clients // Clients include Rolling Stone, Spotify, HBO, Sony, Universal and Google Android. His collaborations with Mumford & Sons include the cover photography for the Grammy-winning albums Babel.


Category  Stills · Food · Interior
Location  Berlin
about // Attila Hartwig Vita Attila was born in 1978 in Berlin. Due to his fascination for photography he started to work in photographic laboratories after finishing school. The logical next step was assisting top...

Cecil ARP

Category  People · Portrait
Location  Hamburg
about // Cecil Arp Vita Cecil was born on the small island of Foehr in 1972. By the age of 23 he had moved to Hamburg to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. Consequently he began working as an assistant to...


Category  People
Location  London, Hamburg
about // Holger Pooten Vita Holger was born in the small town of Geldern in 1974. After finishing school it was clear for him that he wanted to become a photographer and began studying photography a the prestigious...

Michael NAGER

Category  People · Landscape
Location  Berlin
about // Michael Nager Vita Michael was born in Graz / Austria in 1979. In 1995 Michael moved to Hamburg where he finished school in 1998. His passion for photography started when he was a kid, but has deepened and matured...


Category  People
Location  New York, Berlin
about // Peter Funch Vita Peter Funch was born in Denmark in 1974. His photography roots are steeped in photojournalism which he studied in Copenhagen after finishing school. In 2003 he was selected among thousands...