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Taste the Feeling mit Coca-Cola West-Africa - produziert von EPISODE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS, Kapstadt

Find your flow again ..... Coca-Cola (West Africa) hilft Dir die richtigen Entscheidungen zu treffen. Regie beim Wohlfühl-Spot führte die vielfach ausgezeichntete Camila Gimenez Zapiola. Betreuende Agentur war Ogilvy Ghana. Das Foto stammt von Fotografin Antonia Steyn, Film und Foto wurden produziert von EPISODE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS.

About - Camila Gimenez Zapiola was born in Buenos Aires, studied film directing and screenwriting at the universidad del cine until moving to New York where she graduated from the Lee Strasberg institute as an actress. While in New York, she directed several short film. In 2008 her stories were published in the anthology “new languages of spanish speech”, after having won several literary competitions. Her commercials have won several south american and international awards, including Clios and Cannes Lions.

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Der Film zum Sommer für die Athleisure Brand LUNE ACTIVE, produziert in Südafrika von EPISODE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS

LUNE ACTIVE is an athleisure brand committed to creating technically innovative, fashion-forward athleisure wear for the modern, natural and self-confident woman. Lune Active was born at a crossroad in the lives of its founders Ashley Samwel and Lisa de Vries. Both living in Amsterdam struggling to find the right outfit for their busy working and active lives.  

Den Film zum aktiven Lebensstil produzierte EPISODE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS im Sommer in Südafrika. GoSee:
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