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Established in 1987 - one of the longest running and most experienced production companies in Cape Town.

Producer · Film Prod · Photo Prod
Cape Town
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news | LIVE STREAM ON SET WITH FIRST PRODUCTIONS : "Shoot with us in South Africa - monitor from anywhere globally!"

The Covid-19 pandemic has catalyzed a movement towards working remotely across all sectors as businesses begin to look forward to a world post-pandemic. With much of the world’s population under lockdown, airlines suspending international flights, and restrictions on numbers at gatherings limiting the possibilities of crews, remote production is one of the most viable forms of production at the industry’s immediate disposal. Due to the global nature of the coronavirus, productions involving international travel may be impacted for months to come even as individual countries loosen lockdown measures and crews can start working again.

Remote production solves these problems by connecting international partners to a 360-degree vision of the shoot from beginning to end. Camera feeds are streamed in real time to those who are unable to be physically present on set. Using top video streaming technology right at our fingertips, communication channels are established to make sure that...

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