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LIVE STREAM ON SET WITH FIRST PRODUCTIONS : "Shoot with us in South Africa - monitor from anywhere globally!"

The Covid-19 pandemic has catalyzed a movement towards working remotely across all sectors as businesses begin to look forward to a world post-pandemic. With much of the world’s population under lockdown, airlines suspending international flights, and restrictions on numbers at gatherings limiting the possibilities of crews, remote production is one of the most viable forms of production at the industry’s immediate disposal. Due to the global nature of the coronavirus, productions involving international travel may be impacted for months to come even as individual countries loosen lockdown measures and crews can start working again.

Remote production solves these problems by connecting international partners to a 360-degree vision of the shoot from beginning to end. Camera feeds are streamed in real time to those who are unable to be physically present on set. Using top video streaming technology right at our fingertips, communication channels are established to make sure that remote participants can contribute, approve and direct as if they were on set themselves.

In summary, this is what is on offer:
- Full local team, German-speaking where available
- Freight and customs handling for product and collection
- Live castings & fittings done on live streaming video tool with overseas team remote
- Directors & tech recce with overseas team remote and constant 360-degree streaming of location via GoPro and live streaming video tool for discussions
- Complete on-set live streaming from the more basic requirements for our print teams, to the larger high-end setup for the bigger film productions
- FIRST PRODUCTIONS will be utilizing a platform which integrates every aspect of a modern video assist, including logging capabilities, rapid shot selections and media import, export and more to live stream with minimal delay

Additional GoPro setups are available to shoot creative areas such as make-up, wardrobe and art for approvals. If required, FIRST PRODUCTIONS also sets up a separate camera for more discreet chats with agencies or directors without being broadcasted to the entire team. Whatever your requirements are, they can do it.

“The goal is, with screen sharing software, the editor, director, client and creative team can collaborate and interact in real time to create a workflow that is similar to that of being live on set in person. For more detailed information, please email us to, and we can send you all the technical details!” Melanie Bold, First Productions. “We are extremely excited about this new venture, finding something positive in a negative worldwide situation, and hope to collaborate with you soon!”
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FIRST PRODUCTIONS präsentiert den SHARE NOW 'The Carsharing Experiment' Commercial mit Jung von Matt und Element E sowie Motive für SAMSUNG Galaxy A70, produziert in Südafrika

“If kids can learn carsharing, you can do it, too”, lautet die Botschaft des neuen Commercials von SHARE NOW. Das Carsharing-Experiment : fünf Kinder, die sich um ein Spielzeugauto streiten. Aber am Ende sehen alle ein, dass es gut ist, das Auto zu teilen. Produziert wurde der Werbefilm in Koop mit FIRST PRODUCTIONS von Element E mit Regisseur Niels Münter und DOP Keenan Ferguson in Südafrika. Verbreitet wird er in Deutschland, Österreich, Italien, Frankreich und den Niederlanden über Online- und Social-Media-Kanäle. Auf Kundenseite ist Marketingchef Raphael Stange an der Kampagne beteiligt, bei Jung von Matt / Saga neben Kreativchefin Dörte Spengler-Ahrens die CDs Barbara Dirscherl und Marielle Wilsdorf.

FIRST PRODUCTIONS betreute zudem eine Kampagne für SAMSUNG Galaxy A70 (DOP: Wee Shen Bernard, Fotogaf: Mark Law). Die Triple-Kamera des Galaxy A70 verfügt über ein Ultra-Weitwinkelobjektiv mit einem Sichtfeld von 123°, fast wie das menschliche Auge.

Melanie Bold von FIRST PRODUCTIONS : “As we are in the unknown stage of a South African national lock-down, we’ve been having a lot of discussions about the strangeness of where we find ourselves, and reflections on where we were a few weeks, and months ago. We, at First, have come to the conclusion that we have been incredibly fortunate to have been at the tail end of our working season when the pandemic hit us. We are sympathetic to our European partners who are now experiencing vast damage due to loss and interruptions of jobs, and generally being unable to proceed with their European summer season. We hope that we all find ourselves on the other side of this sooner than later. We hope you are keeping safe, sane and healthy in these trying times – we will get through this one, together. We would love to keep in touch and check in. So if there is anything you may need or anything we can do to keep the creative juices flowing while in isolation, we would love to chat!”
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featured by Roger Weber : 'THE DENIM TWINS' - Beauty Projekt mit Zara & Megan Goslett von ROGER WEBER in Cape Town

'So beautiful to feel the pureness and trust of this amazing girls to eachother,' so Modefotograf ROGER WEBER begeistert über die Schwestern Zara & Megan Goslett, die in der freien Beauty Produktion 'THE DENIM TWINS' in weichem Licht und vor kontrastreichem Hintergrund begeistern.

'Ich liebe spezielle Orte wie diesen alten Spielplatz, man erkennt die Vergänglichkeit der Dinge und wie die Natur sich allmählich alles zurückholt. Auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Model fand ich diese besonderen Zwillinge, die aussehen als würden sie aus einem David Lynch Movie entspringen. Wir haben zum Teil auf Film fotografiert und verwendeten dabei eine alte Pentax 6x7, die ich vor Ort gefunden hatte. Die Mode lag dieses Mal nicht im Fokus und wir haben uns deshalb auf Vintage und Jeans konzentriert"

Die Produktion in Cape Town übernahm GoSee Member FIRST PRODUCTIONS. Verantwortlich für das Makeup war JOSIE MARTENS @ BIGOUDI und das Styling kam von Tania Hohenhoevel.

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