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'Do your city right' - die Kampagne des US Fahrdienstes LYFT von WOLFGANG ZAC c/o ROCKENFELLER & GOEBELS, fotografiert in New York und Chicago

WOLFGANG ZAC c/o ROCKENFELLER & GOEBELS fotografierte die LYFT Kampagne unter dem Claim 'Do your city right' noch vor dem Lockdown. Der Wettbewerber von Uber bietet seine Fahrdienst-Vermittlung aktuell in Nordamerika an. Wolfgang und sein Team präsentieren uns hier bei GoSee die ausgelassenen Stimmungsfotos.

'The world hit the brakes and skidded to a halt. Now slowly, we’re all rolling back onto the streets. But what’s actually out there? Well, we are. LYFT Right now we can’t pizza-share, drink-share or kiss-share but we sure as hell can ride-share. Because whatever this new world is, it needs explorers. Last year, when LYFT asked Wolfgang to shoot their new campaign no one could have guessed that the tagline, 'Do your city right' would also mean doing it safe. Riding solo, in a spaced-out posse or with people you know - that’s how we roll in 2020.

This shoot is a love letter to togetherness, connection and fun. It was shot in New York and Chicago in summer and fall. And it was nothing short of a creative circus. Armed with one motor home, a van and the Lyft app for backup cars, Wolfgang and the gang cruised the streets, exploding into life on any location that looked like it was up for a good time. Unpredictable moments, inspired ideas, a red hot team and total bystanders pulled into the crazy made this campaign come to life. Even the layouts were created on the shoots. Totally random, just like the best days and nights out. As we all get out there again, let’s hope-share, future-share, and all-of-us-safely-together-share.'

WOLFGANG ZAC c/o ROCKENFELLER & GOEBELS studierte an der Unversität für Angewandte Kunst in Wien bevor er als Foto Assistent seine Karriere in New York startete. Mittlerweile lebt er in Berlin und arbeitet für internationale Agenturen an weltweiten Werbekampagnen und Kunstprojekten.
Er geniesst es, Bücher über Quantenphysik zu lesen, ohne ein einziges Wort zu verstehen, lässt sich gerne zur Musik von David Bowie tätowieren und liebt Roadtrips mit seiner schönen Frau.

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Summer, adventures, feeling healthy, feeling alive – we’re thirsty for it all. Die COCA COLA Hydration Brands Kampagne in moderner Umsetzung von Wolfgang ZAC c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS

Wolfgang ZAC c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS verpasste der COCA COLA Hydration Brands einen modernen Look, den wir Euch nur allzu gerne hier bei GoSee zeigen.

Summer, adventures, feeling healthy, feeling alive – we’re thirsty for it all. So when Coke approached Wolfgang about creating their new Hydration campaign for their water, sport and refreshment products, he knew exactly how he wanted it to taste.

Shot over four days in California, Wolfgang created moments of people squeezing the life out of summer. Festival goers dancing in the playa dust, women KO’ing their workouts in the boxing ring, besties bombing the blow-up flamingoes in the pool, sharing a yoga mat with a downward facing pet dog – summer moments of letting it all out as you put the hydration back in.

Then he added his treatment idea to take the energy to another level. Taking inspiration from the colors on the drink labels, Wolfie combined black and white versions of the images with solid color blocks. This treatment pulls you even further into the emotion of the moment, spotlighting the people, their stories and the liquid refreshment that drives them all.

Videographer Claudia Delpin, Wolfgangs wife and partner in crime, brought her DOP eye and some fresh out of the box equipment to capture everything on film. Shooting tandem with Wolfgang, she left the BTS out to put the IRL in. The result is a fantastic, colorfield moodscape of a California hydrating itself to life. A photo from the series was even awarded with a Silver Addy, the highest photography honor at The American Advertising Awards.
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KIA MOTORS - der KIA - Rio GT Line in Szene gesetzt von Uwe BREITKOPF c/o Rockenfeller & Göbels für Innocean Worldwide

Uwe BREITKOPF c/o ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS fotografierte für KIA MOTORS. Er setzte die KIA RIO GT LINE für Innocean Worldwide Europe (CD Igor Karpalov) kontrastreich in Szene. Die Post übernahm GoSee Member MAINWORKS.

The Rio GT Line is a Mild Hybrid that looks fast.⁠ Drivers of GT Line live fast and move fast! The city is their playground. ⁠ Innocean wants to explore this by going to urban places that are far away from each other: modern office or home, downtown, beach, new cool spot to be.
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