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news | featured by GoSeeAWARDS : 'Beauty is in everyone and everyone is beautiful....' - Frauke Fischer holt SILBER in der Kategorie PORTRAIT der GOSEEAWARDS 2019

Die Berliner Beauty-Fotografin FRAUKE FISCHER, geboren 1981 in Ost-Berlin, landete mit ihrer ungewöhnlichen Beauty-Strecke auf Platz 2 der PORTRAIT-Kategorie der GoSeeAWARDS 2019. Frauke Fischer über ihr schönes Projekt: "Beauty is in everyone and everyone is beautiful.... being different is beautiful. I started a new project this yeart in which I wanted to show that beauty and thus also beauty photography is not just related to a small group of people. But everyone is beautiful.

In beauty photography, only perfect ideals are often staged. This started to bore me and I wanted to show how much more fascinating people and all sorts of beauty there are. This is the first part of the project in which I photographed Tamara Röske, a model with Down syndrome. It was a pleasure to meet her, not only is she one of the most open and welcoming people I know. She is also full of energy and ambitions. From acting and modeling to clarinet playing in the orchestra and swimming competitions, she...

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