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news | 'The Age of Drones', die Drohnen-Strecke über die Hoheit an unseren Himmeln im TIME Magazin Spezial, fotografiert von Jake STANGEL c/o GIANT ARTISTS

'Drones Are Here to Stay. Get Used to It.' Jake STANGEL c/o GIANT ARTISTS fotografierte eine der weltgrössten Drohnen-Shows, produziert für das TIME Magazin Special : 'The Age of Drones'. In dem lesenswerten Artikel auf der TIME-Webseite lesen wir zum Thema Alltag mit Drohnen: "With any technology, there are certain inflection points when it goes from being something perpetually in the near future to being a part of everyday life. For years, drones have been hovering on the cusp—used by militaries and relatively small numbers of hobbyists but not part of the larger culture. The U.S. military ushered in the drone age in 2001, when it began using the unmanned, remotely piloted technology to target al-Qaeda leaders in the wilds of Afghanistan. Drones have since become a key part of the military’s arsenal, and their use in conflict zones around the world has expanded under both the Obama and Trump Administrations. Civilian uses, however, have long been more promise than reality. That’s...

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