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Die NORDSTROM Herbst '18 Männer-Kampagne - fotografiert in den 5 Boroughs von New York von Peter SUTHERLAND c/o GIANT ARTISTS

Peter SUTHERLAND c/o GIANT ARTISTS fotografierte die Herbst 2018 Männer-Kampagne für NORDSTROM in den fünf Boroughs von New York als da wären Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx und Staten Island. Kreativ Direktor war Olivia Kim ((Nordstrom Vice President of Creative Projects), gestylt wurde die Kampagne von Julia Sarr-Jamois. An Mode kamen die Trend-Items des Saison zum Einsatz - Gucci, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC, Maison Margiela und viele, viele mehr. Vor Peter Sutherland's Kamera standen Skylar Penn, Matthew Avedon, Caleb Elijah und Deem Spencer. 

Nordstrom, Inc. ist eine US-amerikanische Kaufhaus- und Versandhauskette, Stammsitz und zugleich der wichtigste Flagshipstore befinden sich in Seattle im US-Bundesstaat Washington. Nordstrom wurde im Jahre 1901 als ein Schuhgeschäft von dem schwedischen Immigranten Johan Wilhelm Nordström und Carl Wallin in Seattle gegründet.
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Joao CANZIANI c/o GIANT ARTISTS transports you to the streets of Paris after France’s victory at the World Cup final - fünf Fotos und ein O-Ton für Euch auf GoSee

"I’m still a bit in disbelief that I’m here. Thursday evening I wasn’t sure this shoot was happening. But by Friday morning I’ve been given the go-ahead. So I book our flights right away, and then we’re up in the air Saturday evening. After landing in the morning, and resting in the hotel for a hot minute, we head out so we can experience the World Cup final in Paris. What an out-of-body experience that was!

We witnessed rowdy celebrating, screaming and jumping in front of the large projected TV in our tiny bar in Le Marais, a lot and a lot of imbibing, people jumping on strangers’ cars (in one instance breaking the windshield and in many instances fucking up the roofs), people jumping and climbing on everything in fact, from historical monuments to roofs of bus stations, fireworks and firecrackers going off all around us, leaving us deaf many times over.

But then towards the end of the night the scene deteriorated to some rioting and a robbery of a drugstore, with the police in heavy riot gear throwing tear gas at the crowd. I’m still reeling. But tomorrow is Monday and I have an 8am call time. A few more from last Sunday, pictures from the streets of Paris after the France victory at the World Cup final. I want to rewind the clocks and experience this all over again." Joao CANZIANI c/o GIANT ARTISTS, Soccer Summer in Paris 2018

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