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A Wellspring of Images for Spotify Premium - farbenfrohe Lifestyle Motive von MICAIAH CARTER c/o GIANT ARTISTS für untitledworldwide

SPOTIFY bietet Musik und Audio-Entertainment für wirklich jeden Moment des Lebens. Micaiah CARTER c/o GIANT ARTISTS fotografierte die aktuelle Kapmagne für Spotify Premium und die Agentur untitledworldwide.

untitledworldwide: 'We helped creating a bank of refreshed global assets with a cohesive creative concept for Spotify Premium including illustrations, 3d animation and a set of still life photography. The ask was to incorporate a global lens, keep in line with current guidelines, create assets to be leveraged on all Premium channels and a cohesive idea that threads together the imagery.'
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Nike MX Kampagne von Christaan Felber c/o GIANT ARTISTS

Christaan FELBER c/o GIANT ARTISTS fotografierte eine dynamische Kampagne für Nike Mexiko und Wieden & Kennedy.
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BENEFIT COSMETICS Kampagne - Stills & Film von Fotograf und Director JONPAUL DOUGLASS c/o GIANT ARTISTS

Jonpaul DOUGLASS c/o GIANT ARTISTS directed and photographed a campaign for Benefit Cosmetics featuring its popular new brow styler!
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