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news | 'Rose Romancing' - Glam Production, Los Angeles produzierte STELLA McCARTNEYs 2018-19er Breast Cancer Awareness Kampagne featuring Superstar Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara Featured In Stella McCartney’s Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Launches “Rose Romancing” Set In Pale Rose. On Monday, September 24th 2018, in celebration of Stella McCartney’s mother’s Linda Louise McCartney’s birthday, Stella launched her annual Breast Cancer Awareness campaign featuring award-winning actress Sofia Vergara. The campaign raises awareness around the disease and serves as a reminder to keep healthy and get checked regularly. The campaign will be in two parts, this is the first, which features Sofia’s impactful image and voice to positively encourage pride in women in the face of severity. In the campaign, Sofia wears the new limited edition bra and brief set designed by Stella McCartney for her Autumn/Winter 2018 lingerie collection.

A cause very personal to Stella, the “Rose Romancing” set will benefit leading charities and support centres worldwide, including the Linda McCartney Centre in Liverpool, the Hello Beautiful Foundation in London,...

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