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news | City of Den Haag - liebevoller Animationsfilm von Mitsi.Studio c/o Andrea Heberger (Direction, Animation, Modeling, Texturing & Rendering) für Stephan Evenblij Films

Andrea Heberger präsentiert new entry MITSI STUDIO mit einem Stadt-Projekt : 'Mitsi.Studio reailzed the Animation Film about Den Hague, branding the City of Den Hague. We show also the "Making of" this great Project. Mitsi.Studio is a young all-round 3D animation studio based in The Netherlands. A great diversity of projects and many different clients trigger us every day to make that perfect video. Their service includes: Art Direction, Animation, CGI Illustrations, CGI Production, Character Design, Commercials, Creative Direction, Magazine Covers, Illustration, Key Visuals, Motion Design, Mixed Media (CGI/Vector/Photography), Social Media Content, Vector Illustrations, Product Visualizatio.'

MITSI STUDIO über ihr Projekt :'This video for the government of Den Haag shows everybody that Den Haag is a city that borders the ocean. We chose for Neptune, the god of the ocean. He has to discover the route from heaven through Den Haag to the ocean.'

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