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news | GREATER THAN A HW 2019 Kampagne featuring Aksel L. Svidal - Fotos und Regie Fred JONNY c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

Fred JONNY c/o ANDREA HEBERGER inszenierte den ehemaligen Skirennläufer, Celebrity und Label-Mitbegründer Aksel Lund Svindal für GREATER THAN A. Bei dem zugehörigen Movieclip führte Fred Jonny darüber hinaus die Regie. Wir zitieren GREATER THAN A: "We could have made it easier for ourselves. Having an Olympic Gold medal winner as one of our founding partners, we could have plastered his name over a reasonably good collection – and probably sold a lot of clothes.

There are only two things to that: Aksel never settles with reasonably good. And the last thing the world needs right now is another fast fashion brand. So instead we decided to join the growing movement of clothing brands working to change the fashion industry from within: Brands offering a new breed of conscious consumers better and more sustainable choices for their wardrobe. And hopefully, we can inspire people to make other sustainable choices in life as well." GoSee : 05.11.2019 //    ADD article TO MY GOSEE // 10 items in this article // SHOW article

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