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Star Wars Protagonisten werben für LA POSTE France - produziert von JEF PROD c/o ANDREA HEBERGER im Auftrag der Agentur HAVAS

Möge die Post mit Dir sein - zumindest in Frankreich. Für die einzig wahre LA POSTE produzierte JEF PROD c/o ANDREA HEBERGER im Auftrag der Agentur Havas Worldwide mit Art Director Nathalie Winkelmann und Isabelle Chevillon im Art Buying diverse Motive, angelehnt an die wohl beliebteste Weltraum-Saga unseres Planeten.
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Die Racing Car 'Brabham BT 18' Unreal Demo von MONDLICHT STUDIOS c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

MONDLICHT STUDIOS über ihr Projekt : "Proud to show you our new project on GoSee  – "Brabham Unreal Demo" created with our colleague Serhii Cheban and his team Cube In Cube. We created the project to demonstrate our possibilities of producing videos in Unreal Engine. The legendary Brabham BT18 '1966, famous among the most excellent constructors of the golden age of Formula One racing, became the main hero of the video, rendered in Unreal Engine in real-time.

As the car became a symbol of a glorious era that will never come again, possibilities of VR/AR and interactive projects represent the new era of advertising and technology we are entering today. To create the project, we used a 3D model, improved it, worked with textures, materials, lighting and color correction. The video was rendered in Unreal Engine and compositing in After Effects. Hope you'll like it! Special Thanks to Szymon Kubicki for his perfect 3D Model."
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Andrea Heberger präsentiert : Honda NSX / Moonlight by Mondlicht Studios. Full CGI. - für Euch auf GoSee

"Stunning Honda NSX supercar inspired us to create a new CGI project. We chose the moonlight atmosphere to emphasize its style and beauty. We produced three full CGI environments and retouched them a little bit in Photoshop. Also, we made a short breakdown video to show how these images were created. Hope, you’ll enjoy!" so der O-Ton der MONDLICHTSTUDIOS c/o ANDREA HEBERGER.
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