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Die Handwerksmeister der Manufaktur Vacheron Constantin besitzen die Gabe, Emotionen zu vermitteln. Aus dieser von Vacheron Constantin seit der Gründung im Jahr 1755 gepflegten Tradition gehen authentische Kreationen hervor. SEB MICHEL setzte die neue Kollektion in in Film und Print Szene. Von Kundenseite war Emilie DELOIRE, Creative Content Specialist bei Vacheron Constantin, verantwortlich.

"Seb Michel is specialized in Photography and Videography of Luxury Goods. For the swiss Chronograph Vacheron Constantin he did the Film and the photographs out of one hand in his Stduio in Lausanne. the Shooting is inspired by the Celestial Movements. It reveals the connections between the classic Haute Horlogerie collection and a contemporary vision of astronomy by using artpieces made by the Ecal art School of Lausanne student Designers. Vacheron Constantin is a traditional highclass chronograph manufacturer based in Geneve."
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'On Subito you can buy anything that crosses your mind' – SUBITO Kampagne in CGI von HYPERACTIVE STUDIO c/o ANDREA HEBERGER

Hyperactive Studio c/o ANDREA HEBERGER erstellte spezielle Welten in CGI für die Sales Plattform "Subito". " is the top to sell and buy any kind of item from the latest generation smartphone to the 50's cupboard. The purpose of the planned creativity on Quattroruote is to strengthen brand awareness also for car buying, leveraging the remarkable visibility of the advertisements with 2 million visitors per month. Hyperactive Studio combines Photography and 3D/CGI post production techniques to create  breathtaking high quality advertising images. Here we show the making of and the final result for the SUBITO print campaign."
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3D/CGI-Studio MAGIC GROUP MEDIA aus Amsterdam als Neuzugang bei ANDREA HEBERGER

ANDREA HEBERGER vertritt ab sofort Magic Group Media für Deutschland. "Magic Group Media is an award-winning, fully integrated production- and 3D/CGI studio based in the old harbor of Amsterdam. We have all necessary disciplines in still and moving content creation in-house: producers, photo-and videographers, post-production, animators, editors, stock specialists, etc. This enables us to advice our clients independently -always working towards the most efficient way of creating the highest quality content. We know all there is to know about imagery -from creation to implementation- and advice our clients on how to best go about creating the content that makes a difference and stands out. As a fully integrated production studio, we are many things to many people: we can be as big a part of your creative project as you wish. Whether it's retouching or colour grading or creating visuals for an entire concept from scratch. We are able to shoot our own content or work with others to seamlessly integrate CGI artwork or apply the finishing touch for instance: we can tailor our services to your specific need."
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