‘Oyster’ by Marco Marzocchi, published by Void

‘Oyster’ by Marco Marzocchi, published by Void

Artist Marco Marzocchi

GoSee Buch Tipp : 'Oyster' von Marco Marzocchi, sein extrem persönliches visuelles Tagebuch über Kindheitserinnerungen und die Beziehung zu seinen früh verstorbenen Eltern

Made over the course of 10 years, 'Oyster' is a visual diary compiled by Marco Marzocchi (geb. 1974 in Ferrara, Italien) as a ways to uncover clues in understanding his absent parents. At times boardering on frustration and violence his images express his search for a 'culprit', a cause for his disfunctional childhood environment. Using archival and original imagery, the artist ransacks the past to build a present in a process of forgiving...

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