The second part of Edgar Berg´s fashion story for the magazine SLEEK. Fashion editing by Lorena Maza. Hair was done by Akemi Kishida c/o Atomo and Makeup by Yvane Rocher c/o Atomo. Models were Yulia Musieichuck c/o Supreme Management and Vaiora Stroganoff c/o MP Paris. Casting was done by Nicolas Bianciotto c/o The Art Board.

Client Sleek Magazine
Editing Lorena Maza
Hair Akemi Kishida c/o Atomo
Make-up Yvane Rocher c/o Atomo
Model ulia Musieichuck c/o Supreme Management
Model Vaiora Stroganoff c/o MP Paris
Casting Nicolas Bianciotto c/o The Art Board
Photographer Edgar Berg c/o Klein Photographen
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